Whisper Ultra Night XL+ Sanitary Napkins 30 Pads

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    A pack of 30 extra-large sanitary napkins for overnight protection.

    What It Does
    The sanitary napkins are over 300 mm long, making them ideal for overnight use. They have a wider back and a super centre cushion, that prevent leaks and spreads. The pads' safety lines and super absorbent cores promise a tension-free period, even on heavy flow days.
  • -Remove the napkin from its packaging.
    -Remove the strip stuck to the adhesive part of the napkin on the back.
    -Place the napkin in the centre of your panties and press down.
    -If the napkin has wings, remove the adhesive strip and fold the wings and stick them to the underside of your panties.
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1 Review

one of the best..Lakshmi V, 21 June 2017

Stays dry and comfortable even on heavy flow days. no need to wake up in the middle of the night to change

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