Sally Hansen Fabulous Finger Nails Perfect Manicure Kit

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    A manicure kit that helps achieve perfectly shaped nails.

    What It Does
    Consisting of a nail clipper, a file, a buff, and a cuticle pusher, this kit helps achieve a parlour-like manicure anywhere.
  • Nail cutter:
    -Place your nail between the blades of the cutter.
    -Squeeze the upper and lower parts of the nail cutter to clip the nail.

    Nail file or Emery board:
    -Cleanse your hands, dab them dry, and clip your nails to the desired length.
    -Hold the file / board parallel to the side of the nail and slide towards the centre.
    -Hold the file / board perpendicular to the nail tip and slide from side to side.
    -Always file outward to get well-shaped nails.
    -Use a buff to add shine to nails.

    Cuticle pusher:
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