Philips StyleCare Hair Curler BHB862/00

₹ 1995
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    A hair curler with a 16mm curling barrel for bouncy curls and ringlets.

    What It Does
    This fast heating curler is designed with 200°C high heat temperature for optimal results, and heats up in 60 seconds for quick use. Its protective ceramic coating aids extra gentle styling , adding shine and gloss to hair.
  • - Connect the plug to a power supply socket.
    - Slide the on/off switch to switch on the
    appliance. The power-on indicator lights up.
    - Before curling, comb hair and divide into small sections.
    - Press the lever and place a
    section of hair between the barrel and clip.
    - Close the clip by releasing the lever and slide
    the barrel to the hair tip.
    - Hold the handle of the curling iron, and then wind
    the section of hair around the barrel from tip to root by
    rotating the curler.
    - Hold the curling iron in the position for max. 10 seconds.
    - Unwind the section of hair until the clip can be opened with the lever.
    - Do not pull at the curler when unwinding hair.
    - Release the curled hair.
    - Repeat across all sections.
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  • We ensure that this product will have a shelf life of 6 months or more at the time of shipping of your order.

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