LIVON Serum For Dry And Unruly Hair 100ml

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    A hair serum enriched with Moroccan argan oil.

    What It Does
    This serum moisturises, smoothens and tames dry, frizzy hair while imparting a voluminous look.
  • -Take a small amount of hair serum in your palms.
    -Apply evenly on wet hair, starting from the mid length, slowly working your way to the ends.
    -Comb through your hair to remove tangles.
    -You can also apply to dry hair before styling.
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1 Review

hair serumSonali, 5 April 2019

it's amazing hair serum livon which make hair smooth from curly and entangled hairs I hv to apply regularly as my hairs are rough after hair bath

Questions and Answers
Q: why are serum used for hair? benefit of using it?? And how often need to use it? Gitusmita Choudhury, 9 January 2019
A: A styling hair serum, such as this product, moisturises and helps smoothen rough, unruly hair. The formulation tames frizz and adds lustre to dull hair. The serum may be applied to dry or just-shampooed, everytime before styling. Team H&G, 14 January 2019
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