KinGirls Deesse Daytime Energizing Bio-cellulose Mask 26ml

₹ 1000
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  • What It Is
    A hydrating face mask free of preservatives.

    What It Does
    Enriched with aloe vera, cherry blossom and grape leaf extracts, this face mask revitalises skin for a smooth and hydrated feel throughout the day.
  • -Apply mask on clean skin.
    -Unfold the mask and remove transparent film or backing if any.
    -Apply the mask as directed on the package.
    -Leave on for 10-40 min as specified on the package.
    -Remove the mask and allow the excess serum to absorb for up to 10-15 min.
    -Discard the mask.
  • Cherry Blossom
    Grape Leaf
    Aloe Vera
    Sea Fennel
  • All
  • Dryness
  • All
  • Women

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