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    An eyelash curler with a handy grip.

    What It Does
    Designed with a handy grip, this eyelash curler helps curl eyelashes with ease. Its small size makes it suitable to carry while travelling.
  • -Hold the eyelash curler up to your eye and open the clamp.
    -Close the clamp on your eyelashes as close to the root as possible.
    -Gently apply pressure and curl the base, the middle and the tips of your eyelashes separately.
    -Clean the silicone pads regularly and change them when worn.
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Questions and Answers
Q: does the curler handle is non breakable Hema, 3 June 2019
A: The curler has a sturdy handle and does not break when handled with care. Team H&G, 6 June 2019
Q: it is safe to use a eyecurler...does it effect the eye Hema, 3 June 2019
A: The device curls eyelashes temporarily and does not harm the eyes when used correctly and with care. Team H&G, 6 June 2019
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