Your Skin & Hair Will Thank You For These Post-Holi Care Tips

There isn’t a better way to welcome Spring than with a riot of colours on Holi. However, there’s a lot that your skin and hair need to endure following the fun and frolic with dry and wet (often harsh) colours. Your skin and hair care routine needs a tweak so that you’re saved the trouble of redness, irritation, flare-ups, breakage, hair fall, itchy scalp, and more. Here are a few quick tips for post-Holi care for your face, body, and tresses.

Opt For Oils
Oil is hands down the most commonly used means to remove stubborn colour after Holi. Carrier oils like coconut, almond or olive oil always find their place in grandma’s post-Holi skin and hair care wisdom. And we can’t agree more. You could use cotton wool dipped in oil to gently wipe away hard-to-remove stains. Or you could soak your skin and hair in oil for a few hours before taking a shower. It’s also a good idea to pamper them with body massage and deep-conditioning hair oils in the days following the celebration, to help restore the glow.

Cleanse Cleverly
Regular face washes alone may not be able to remove stubborn colour. Rubbing your skin vigorously in a bid to remove every trace of colour can leave it irritated. So, here’s what to do. Begin with a micellar cleansing liquid. It’s a miracle potion and works quite smoothly on tough holi colours much like it does on waterproof makeup. As you get ready to cleanse your body, steer clear of soaps or harsh chemicals that can aggravate skin troubles Instead, use a gentle, but effective body wash, which also soothes your senses after a tiring day. On the hair, a formula free of salts, sulphate, and parabens can work wonders in detangling locks and restoring the softness and shine to parched tresses.

Moisturise & Nourish
We get that you may be too tired to follow a religious care routine after Holi. And it’s ok to do so, given formulations like scrubs or chemical-loaded serums can wreak havoc. But there’s one step we definitely don’t want you to skip – moisturise. When synthetic colours and a bid to remove them from the skin and hair suck out every bit of life, it’s important that you rehydrate them well. A multitasking face and body lotion and a nourishing hair mask can be your besties during the post-Holi days.

Safeguard With Sunscreen
Stepping out in the sun can sensitize your skin further, so remember to use a good sunscreen product, 15 to 20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply liberally if you spend longer time outdoors.

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