Yoga Skin – The First Beauty Trend of 2019 Is Here


Come New Year, and new trends starting taking over our social media feeds, our minds, and basically, our lives. From lion mane brows to J-beauty and face lift tape, 2018 gave us a full gamut of beauty trends to obsess about. We are just a month into 2019, and a stellar new trend called Yoga Skin is creating ripples. And no, you don’t have to be adept at the art of yoga to nail this trend. Here’s all you need to know about the hottest first beauty trend of 2019 – Yoga Skin:

What is Yoga Skin?
Developed by makeup artist Sara Hill, yoga skin is a makeup technique that can give a flawless dewy glow to your face with minimal effort. The highlight is that it makes your skin look real and natural, replicating the healthy glow that comes from practicing yoga. Hence, the name.

How to Get Yoga Skin
One thing is amply clear by now: you don’t actually have to practice yoga to get yoga skin (although it’d be a great inclusion in your lifestyle).

You can get yoga skin in these five simple steps:

  1. Start with your regular skincare regime to prep your skin – cleanse, tone, moisturise – and let it sit for five minutes. Then apply a layer primer like the MyGlamm Tinted Perfection Base Primer & Pore Minimiser.
  2. Then, it is time to create the ‘skin mix’, which is the cornerstone of this makeup technique. Take 3-4 pumps of liquid foundation either with sheer or medium coverage like the Lakme Invisible Finish SPF8 Foundation Shade. Full coverage foundation is a no-no here. Add a drop each of facial oil and liquid highlighter or illuminator, preferably in golden tone like the Makeup Revolution London Liquid Highlighter Luminous Gold and mix it all together. For dry skin type, you can squeeze in one or two pumps of your moisturiser. Similarly, those with oily skin can add a little more foundation to this ‘skin mix’.
  3. Apply this ‘skin mix’ on your face using your fingertips, working in layers until you achieve the perfect finish.
  4. Apply some concealer in the areas that need extra coverage, but be careful not to overdo this stop.
  5. Dust lightly with powder like the Palladio Presssed Rice Powder Mattifying & Perfecting Natural, using a small fluffy brush, to make the makeup hold. You can also use a spray like Makeup Revolution London Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray for extra hydration.

Et voila! You are ready to rock the yoga skin.

Image Credit: Instagram/coverfx

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