World Coconut Day: The Beauty Benefits Of Coconut

World Coconut Day The Beauty Benefits Of Coconut

Hard shell, soft core

Tons of beauty benefits,

So let’s talk about it more

In case you haven’t figured out the ‘it’, well we are talking about the very fantastic – Mr Coconut. We know you have heard plenty about it from your granny, your mum and the entire beauty society but we cannot help ourselves from celebrating this hardworking beauty ingredient on ‘World Coconut Day’. There’re tons of reasons why we’re nuts about coconuts and you should be too-

It’s A Top-Notch Cleanser

Coconut oil wipes off makeup as effortlessly as you wipe out promotional emails from your inbox. It is your friend in need when you’ve run out of your regular cleanser.

H&G recommends – massage a few drops of Coco Soul Organic Virgin Coconut Oil   on your face and wipe it off with damp cotton ball for easy makeup removal

It Moisturises Like A Pro

Coconut in its many forms, be it oil, milk or water is great for hydrating your skin and giving it a natural glow.

H&G recommends – a glass of tender coconut water every day and a body massage with Petal Fresh Pure Smoothing Body Butter Coconut

It Calms Dry And Frizzy Hair

Your grandma told you so too, didn’t she? And you should totally listen to her. Coconut milk and oil are miracle workers that keep dryness and frizz at bay.

H&G recommends – a hair massage with Parachute Advansed Coconut Creme Hair Oil and shampoo and conditioning with Organix Coconut Milk Nourishing Shampoo, Organix Coconut Milk Hair Conditioner to drive away bad hair days.

Even Works As A Mouthwash! 

What more do you want from one humble fruit? It’s true though, you can use coconut oil to rid your mouth of odour causing bacteria. Just swish some in your mouth for 10-15 minutes and its antimicrobial agents will kill all the nasty smell-makers.

H&G recommends– swishing with Coco Soul Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for a fresh feeling all day.

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