Winter Wear, Winter Hair

Dec 14 Fringe party look

Winter’s here and so is party season. With everyone planning their party wardrobes, the latest hairstyles also have a huge role to play this season. The trends indicate some variations to last season’s styles, with a little tweaking here and there.

The fringed look
Last season’s short and shaggy look has evolved into a fringe with some texture. Particularly for those who’ve grown out their hair a bit and have more length to play around with. So loose, soft waves are teamed with a fringe that has some texture and skims the brows. To maintain the look, use a volumising spray near the roots and get the fringe trimmed every four to five weeks. Precise angles This is the ideal style for those with poker straight hair. This is a contoured look that angles down to the collar bone and frames the face. Hair precisely parted down the center gives a symmetrical look that also highlights the cheek bones. The best way to precisely part the hair down the center, is to use a long-handled comb aligned down the length of the nose and moved back up the scalp.

The pony on top
This is a great style for those with long hair. Gather all the hair way up on top of the head. Tie it tight and let it cascade down your back. This is the perfect look with high necks or turtle necks and plays up your bone structure. A curling iron used first will add volume to the pony, and then a tight scrunchy will help lift the pony high. A touch of mousse will give it a slick look.

The one-sided crop
It’s not really one-sided! But short hair flipped over to one side with lots of volumes is a great asymmetrical look. Part the hair on one side while it is wet, and then blow dry it to set it in place to maintain the deep part. A nice, chic look. These are just a few of the latest hair trends this winter season. Party time is here, people!