Winter Face Care Issues & Habits That Can Help You Ban Them


Sweater weather is approaching, and along with it is settling in the persisting winter face care issues such as dryness, itchy and flaky skin. If you think switching to a good moisturiser is going to help you sail through the cold, then think again. Like for every skin type, there is specific skin care, there are unique skin care issues that peek their heads in every season. Thankfully, you have us who have done all the hard work for you. All you need to do is read on and find out.

Winter air is drier compared to the other seasons and hence it soaks up all the moisture from your skin leaving it dehydrated. When that happens, your skin loses its barrier and becomes flaky. Like that cosy shawl that protects you from the chilly wind, you need something extra for your delicate face as well. This may be a serious matter but trust us, with just a few swappings of your summer face care habits with the necessary wintery ones, you will be able to tackle those pesky winter face care issues with ease. Not only that, we have handpicked all clean beauty products for you, that means they are free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and phthalates.

Swap Your Heavy-Duty Cleansers With The Light Ones
Cleansing is essential, no matter how cold the water is! Use lukewarm water and use cream cleansers or light face wash which are gentle on dry skin. Foam or gel-based cleansers will rob you off the natural oils whereas cream-based cleanser will leave you moisturised and soft.

Use Serums If You Haven’t Started Using Them Already
Serums may be light in texture but they are full of concentrated active ingredients. They target specific skin concerns such as dryness, blemishes, acne and more. Use before moisturisers or creams to avail the maximum benefit.

Lock In Hydration With Creamy Formulas
Swap your lightweight moisturiser with products that are creamier and richer in texture to provide extra hydration. Look for creams that can nourish and repair your skin from the damage made by the rough winter wind.

Winter Sun Might Be Warm, But It Can Harm!
We know that, right? But do you know even when you are under the shades, indoors, UV rays can damage your skin? Plus, these days, you are spending more time looking at your laptop and phone than anything else. That doesn’t help either. Hence, invest in some good sun protection as well.

Lips Don’t Lie, So Listen To Your Chapped Lips
One of the most annoying winter face care problems is having chapped lips. Delicate yet used heavily from drinking to eating, from talking to pouting, your lips need all the love and care you can give. Like your skin, they need scrubbing too. You can try these awesome DIY Lip Scrubs once or twice a week to keep them soft and moist. And, if you are not used to applying lip balms, now is a good time to start.

As you get ready for the weather that makes you feel fuzzy and warm inside, let your skin be prepared too, with these winter face care advice. The good thing is, with this list, you are going to give your skin all that’s clean, nasties-free and therefore, gentle. So why wait anymore? Let’s get ready for winter!

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