Which Moustache Style Suits You?

Oh hey there Mr. Manly Man. Movember (an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues) is right around the corner and you need to choose a moustache you can rock and possibly keep for the entire month. Sure you might be able to grow out your whiskers in no time, but are you growing the right one? Types Of Mustaches                                                                                Photo credit: hisstylediary.com

Here we have provided a basic chart on the types of moustaches one can have and below we help you figure out which stache is good for you!

James Franco - Thin Lips

Face with thin lips
Moustaches usually add volume to the face, so if you have a thin lip line you can grow a bigger moustache. That will help in creating an appearance of a strong upper lip. Avoid big and bushy styles. Growing a moustache around the corners of the mouth is likely to suit you.

Brad Pitt - Thick Lips

Face with thick lips
If you have thick lips, go for a smaller, more understated moustache because moustaches usually add volume to the face and this is not your goal!

Jude Law Small Face

Small face
The general rule is that smaller facial features will mean that the moustaches should be thinner, small, smart and trimmed. It will suit you best.

Robert Downey Jr - Soft Features

Face with Soft Features
If you have softer features, sharpen them with an edgy moustache with clear lines.

Adrian Brody - Long Face

Long thin face
If you have a long thin face, a wide moustache can work, as it draws attention away from the lower half of your face.

John Travolta - Large Face

Large face
If you have larger facial features, then the moustache will most likely look better with a fuller look. A fuller moustache that is in the Horseshoe style is in style for those who want an appearance that is rougher. This particular style is popular with those that can create a thicker line and attach their moustache to a beard.

Orlando Bloom - Square Face

Square face
If you have a square face, you will want to compliment the shape with a square-shaped moustache to enhance the jawline.

Leo - Round Face

Round face
A rounder face has few angles, full cheeks, and is equal in width and length. A thinner style moustache is the way to go. The main rule is to make sure that the extra facial hair will compliment your facial features.

Featured image photo credit: http://www.livemint.com