What’s In Your Toiletry Bag?

What’s In Your Toiletry Bag?

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or a novice, it helps to have a toiletry bag packed with all things essential. For, the one thing that you miss out can dampen your trip and make life difficult if you cannot buy it easily at your place of visit. To save you the trouble, we’ve put together a list of 6 basic items that definitely need to be part of any toiletry bag.

Hand Sanitiser
When traveling, your hands constantly graze doorknobs, railings, tickets, luggage handles, seatbelts, cash, and lots more, gathering germs on the way. A good hand sanitizer helps them stay clean and germ-free, especially when you do not have water and soap at your disposal.

Wet Wipes
Wet tissues do a great job of wiping off dust and grime and freshening up your face after a long journey. But that’s not all. These plies are great resources in cleaning up spillages and the surfaces of anything from electronic gadgets to handbags, footwear, and books, should anything go messy. Plus, they’re absolutely necessary if you have little ones traveling with you.

Lip Balm
It’s common for your lips to feel dry and dehydrated as you travel from one place to another. So, keep them guarded with a moisturising lip balm. If you’re headed to a sunny location, don’t forget to pick one with sun protection as well.

Disposable Razor
Whether you’re headed for a team meeting at the office headquarters or to a vacay at an exotic island, you don’t want stubs to show up on your hands or legs. So, keep them at bay with a disposable razor.

Let’s face it. It’s difficult to carry out the entire journey sweat-free unless you’re privileged to round the clock air conditioning. It’s also not practically feasible to intermittently take showers and keep your body fresh and odour-free. In order to avoid yourself from being that stinky co-passenger who spoils the journey for everyone, use a long-lasting deodorant or an antiperspirant.

Rain or shine, this one’s an absolute must-have in any toiletry bag. Choose a sunscreen that suits your skin type and with SPF and PA values that are good enough for the climatic conditions of the place(s) that you visit.

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