We’re Accepting Orders For Essentials

It’s been a long month, don’t you all agree? A new normal has emerged and we struggled to get adjusted. At one hand we have suffered to get our daily groceries. On the other, we have made peace with the non-availability of our everyday beauty essentials. Like everyone else, we were also following the directives sent by the Government. Following the same, we have started accepting orders for essential products, for select pin codes as of now. We thought of sharing this positive news with you who have been so patient with us during this tough time.

Essential Products:
Everything you need to take care of your body every day—from face care to sanitary products, falls under the essential products category.

How To Find If We’re Delivering To Your Pin code:

From Homepage, Product Listing Page, Product Description Page, or Basket Page

✨Go to the pin code bar at the top of your screen
✨Enter your pin code or allow the app to find your current location
✨Or you can directly select your delivery address
✨To find out whether we’re delivering to your selected pin code/delivery address, go to any product page and check the ‘Delivery Option’

How To Find If Your Selected Product Is An Essential Product Or Not:

Browse through the banners, it’s the easiest way. So that you get exactly what you want, we have added a few new additional checkpoints! 

✨[Essential Product] is added at the end of the product names
✨For example – Ustraa Ammunition Cologne Soap With Charcoal & Bay Leaf 125g [Essential Product]

✨Look for the new filter ‘Essential Products’ while browsing

✨Look for the new tab ‘Essential Products’ on the ‘About the product section on Product Description Page’ 

Hair Care Essential: 
Find your fav shampoo, conditioners, hair oil, hair mask and baby shampoo to stock up on. You may not be going out but your tresses are collecting dust and oil as they do anyway. So keep them clean and clear. Trust us, you’ll feel freshen up and much better. 

Bath & Body Essentials:
When in doubt, take a shower and pamper yourself! Nothing can beat a long, relaxing bath, especially when the situation is a bit tense. Find all your shower gels, body scrubs, lotions, creams, and other important products.

Sanitary Essentials: 
With month-long lockdown going on, it is just wise to pick up a few extra of those sanitary products that you require. However, be responsible while stocking up. 

Face Care Essentials: 
Staying in or going out, a routine is a routine. It is not a good idea to skip your skin care regime, especially now when you need to bring out that positive energy more than ever. 

Oral Care Essentials:
These are the daily requirements that you can never ignore. 

Shaving Essentials:
Becoming the master of scissors while at home? Here’s what you will require to keep that facial mane stylish and sexy.

So, stay home and order online, we will come to your doorstep. #StayHomeSlayCorona

P.S: We will prioritise deliveries of Essential Products over other products. However, there might be a delay due to the current lockdown.

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