What Does A Well-Groomed Man Do?

men - grooming

Who like scruffy face, untamed hair, or clothes put together hastily? Today grooming has gone beyond a quick shave and sweep of the comb through the hair. Being a well-groomed man has evolved into an attitude, a lifestyle routine, where you make that conscious effort to do the right thing by your body, skin, hair, and even your over-all attitude towards life. So what does the well-groomed man do?

Stock Taking
Maybe it’s time to take things a little more serious about looking groomed and fit. Is your skin smooth and does it radiate good health? Does your hair have body and shine? Is your body fit and active? Is your mind clear and uncluttered? Take stock of your strengths and weaknesses.

Skin Talk
Start by working on good skin health. It’s a good idea to figure out your skin type first. Is it oily, dry or combination? Then choose products accordingly. You will need a good face wash, a moisturiser, and a face pack.

Shaving Gear
If you like to go clean shaven then invest in a good razor with minimum four blades which will ensure less skin irritation, and  closer, smoother shave. Try Gillete Mach 3 Series or Gillette Fusion Series. Use an aftershave after every shave to prevent post-shave redness and close the pores. Try Nivea Men Aftershave Lotion. Shaving regularly also gently exfoliates your skin, so you can avoid a scrub most of the time. Even if you are not a regular shaver, and prefer the stubble look, the idea is to keep the stubble line clean with a razor.

Hair Help
So you got the hairstyle that you know works for you. Now you’ve got to maintain the hair health, because healthy, shiny hair enhances your style better, and gives you that clean groomed look. Check your scalp and hair type and pick a shampoo and conditioner to match that. Wash and condition at least thrice a week to keep your hair shiny and bouncy. You can also massage your scalp weekly once with a hair oil like Clinic Plus Nourishing Hair Oil before washing your hair.

Body Boost
Whatever be your size, regular exercise like running, swimming, yoga is a must to keep fit. Try some stretching and muscle toning exercises to get into the right shape. Try to put in half an hour daily to your fitness regime. You can do one activity daily that improves your metabolism. Energise your mind with a 15 minute meditation break before you hit the bed every night. You will wake up fresh and happy. Feeling weak, tired or out of sorts? You can take health supplements under advice from your doctor.