Welcome To The World Of Botanic!

Botanic by H&G

For most consumers today, the efficacy is just one aspect that determines the choice of a skin or hair care product. Purchases are determined also by ethicality in manufacturing and sourcing it. As herbal, paraben-free, animal testing-free etc. become increasingly relevant, we are happy to bring on board an in-house brand built on all of these and much more.

Welcome to the world of Botanic!
Botanic by Health & Glow includes a range of skin and hair care products tailor-made to help fight everyday skin and hair problems. Here’s why you’ll love them.

  • Herbal
    The Botanic range of cleansers, scrubs, creams, oils, shampoos, lip balms, and so on are rich in natural active ingredients. From neem and turmeric to aloe vera, almond, olive, rosemary, sandal etc., these products are packed with the goodness of herbs, fruits, nuts, and lots more.
  • Paraben-free
    The many forms of paraben such as ethyl, methyl, butyl, propyl etc. are believed to be linked to cancer and fertility issues. So, why have these deadly chemicals on your skin or hair? All Botanic products are free of this harmful preservative so you can pick them without second thoughts.
  • Skin-friendly
    Botanic is synonymous with skin-friendly ingredients. The creams, lotions, cleansers, shampoos etc. are suitable for all skin and hair types. Plus, they’re free of harsh skin irritants, making them suitable for even the sensitive ones.
  • Ethical
    We’re conscious of the impact that we leave on the environment, and so, all Botanic products are manufactured in environment-friendly facilities and are Halal certified. We’re also against animal testing, and our products are free of the same.

Be it brightening, anti-ageing, nourishment, hair growth, anti-dandruff, or any other need, Botanic is a one-stop solution for them all.

Click here to explore the entire range and pamper yourself from head to toe.


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