Warning Signs That Suggest It’s Time to Alter Your Skin Care Routine

skincare routine

Putting together a good skin care routine isn’t an easy task. While some of you may be extremely lucky to find the right products in one go, the majority of people go through multiple trial and errors before they find ones that they can bank on. But the sad truth is, your routine is never permanent. Simply because your skin changes with weather conditions, age, lifestyle, and a lot of other factors. So, in case you are seeing any one of the signs listed below, it is time for you to reconsider and switch up your skincare routine.

Your skin feels thirsty
Does your skincare routine leave your skin (which is otherwise healthy and dewy) feeling taut and parched? It may be time to pay attention to the ingredients list. Alcohol, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide etc. are notorious in this regard. So, it’s best that you phase them out or remove them altogether.

Your sebaceous glands are on an overdrive
Has your skin turned way too oily or greasy lately? Overuse of cleansers or exfoliants may be the culprit. Dermatologists explain that when these products cause excessive dryness, the sebaceous glands overcompensate for dehydration leading to excessive oiliness. So even if your skin is naturally oily, stick to cleansers that are gentle and not ones that are over-drying. Also, don’t skip the moisturiser. Just use one that’s oil-free and suitable for your skin type.

Your skin breaks out
It may be a tiny zit here or multiple of them all around your face, acne tells you that your skin has become the breeding ground for bacteria. This could be because your cleansing routine isn’t effective enough to remove all the build-up on your face or maybe because you are using a product that contains pore-clogging ingredients. Look for products that cleanse deeply, and also ones that are non-comedogenic.

Your skin is super sensitive
Red, irritated, burning, or stinging are all tell-tale signs that your skin is reacting to one or more ingredients that don’t suit you. If the sensation persists for more than a couple of minutes or increases with passing time, it’s time for you to discard the product altogether. Don’t hesitate to seek medical help if it doesn’t go away in a day.

 You don’t see results
Every skin care product in your routine exists for a specific reason. It could be to remove impurities, minimise pores, fade wrinkles, brightens the complexion, and so on. However, when you’re a few weeks into using it and still don’t see a quantum of change (some products may take as long as 12 weeks to show results, so patience counts), it’s time for you to pick something else.

Have you ever switched up your skin care routine? Let us know your experience by commenting below.

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