Video Calls? Here’s How To Prep For Them!

With the pandemic still going strong, the world has no other choice than to learn how to make the best of WFH. Turns out, it’s not as rosy as it seemed once, thanks to the constant video calls. Not only you have to be ready on time, balancing between household chores, but also you have to be presentable. Yes, work from home is not a PJ-party all the time, especially when you have to attend video calls 5 times a day. The good thing is we’ve got you covered. Here are a few tips that will help you sail through the video calls like a pro.

The Background Check:
First things first. People are going to look at you through their phones, tablets, laptops and that means constant close-up shots, with absolute visibility of your pores, pimples, dandruff and whatnot. Hence, no skipping that skin care or hair care routine.

Skin Care:
A basic cleansing-toning-moisturising will do the trick. Stick to it, not only for your video calls but also for the greater goal – having a clear, glowing skin.

Cleanse your complexion twice, in the morning to get rid of the oil build-up and in the evening to remove all the skin care, makeup products, pollutants and dirt. Do it once if you have dry skin.

Toning is important as it removes any leftover dirt and oil while restoring the pH balance of your skin. It also leaves your skin vibrant and ready for the next step.

Moisturise your skin, yes, even those who have oily skin. It is never a bad idea to add a few extra products that you generally skip due to time constraints, like a face serum or face oil. Serums are full of active ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid or Vitamin C which targets specific skin concerns. The idea is to look and feel fresh, not only to get rid of the dullness but also the stress level. This will also boost your confidence to appear in front of that camera. Pro tip: Always apply thinner consistency product before a thicker one. Hence, serums before moisturisers.

Hair Care:
‘Dandruff During a Video Call’ sounds like a hit sitcom, and it can ruin your reputation for good. All you need to keep your hair healthy and you stylish on a video call is a good hair care routine. Here you go.

Wash your hair regularly but not very frequently. Yes, you read it right. Washing hair every day can make it frizzy and prone to break. The solution? Dry Shampoo! Super easy to use, super fun for those days starting with morning video calls. Now, here is another important tip: conditioners are good for heat protection. If you are washing your hair on the day of your video call, make sure you use a good conditioner. That way it will save your hair from breakage while blow-drying. You can also try a few hair masks to give that extra conditioning.

Tie your hair neatly or leave it open during the call. But never let ‘I woke up like this’ take its literal meaning. We suggest you a few hairstyling equipment that may come in handy!

Since this is a video call we are talking about, a full-fledged makeup is not what you should go for. A hydrated skin, a little touch of a highlighter and a pop of colour on the lips will suffice to make you appear fresh and lively. If you want you can use the same lip colour on your cheek as blush.

Imagine you secured your torso in a nice check blouse and suddenly you get up to get something. And, bam, there’s a flash of your favourite PJ with big, bad red prints on it. That’s not something anyone wants to see in a business video call. Rule of thumb? Dress up head to toe.

Behind The Scene:
Remember, everyone is not only going to look at you but also at the surroundings you are in. So, clean it up a bit. Figure out the best location in your house where there is no other object sticking out in the background.

Now that we’re done with the recce, let’s play the part.

The most important aspect to look good on a video call. Try out a few placements and see for yourself. Like holding a torch below your chin, or sitting with a well-lit window as your background. You’ll know! An overhead light source may give birth to undereye bags that were never there. Ideally, there should be 3 sources, two behind the webcam and one behind you. However, in the case of less resource, you can just go along with one light source in front of you to make sure your image is crisp and clear.

Your camera position matters a lot whether it’s a built-in camera or a webcam. Place it at per with your eye level, so that you don’t have to look down or look up to make eye contact. Oh, also, always look through the camera hole, and not on your screen.

Action? Oh, Just Not Yet:
Did you check your internet connection? Or the equipment, like your headset, the in-built sound system? Or did you keep your notebook, pen and paper ready with you in case they are needed? These may seem insignificant but they play an important part in any video call.

Well, just get on with the call, be confident and precise. You are just talking to your office mates, so try to be just you, and that’ll do. After all, we all are just trying to figure out this new way of life.

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