Are You Using The Right Deodorant?

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People have a lot of opinions about their armpits. Some wear deodorant (which masks the smell of sweat), some wear antiperspirant (which minimizes the production of sweat), and some wear nothing at all. Then, there are roll-ons, powders, creams, speed sticks…the list goes on and on. Those dark sweat patches aredisgusting; even more troubling is bad body odour. If you are spending quite a bit of your time doing the sniff test, or surreptitiously checking your underarms for those tell-tale signs, then you are not using the right deo.

For some whether it’s hot, humid or cold body odour is a major issue. Now why is that? Our armpits have special sweat glands known as the apocrine glands. When these glands are stimulated, they secrete sweat that accumulates on the skin; when that is not wiped away it attracts bacteria and you emit a foul odour. So the deodorants and antiperspirants come to your rescue.

Deodorant or antiperspirant?

Much like foundation and SPF, the deodorant is a mysterious creature. Let’s start by breaking down the difference between antiperspirant. Contrary to popular belief, deodorants and antiperspirants are not the same. Deodorants neutralize bacteria and get rid of body odour. While antiperspirants have chemicals that eliminate bad smells by blocking the pores and reducing sweat. Antiperspirants are a better choice for those who sweat heavily. If you use a lot of perfume, an unscented deodorant may be the best choice. An unscented antiperspirant is just as effective as a scented deodorant.

Stick, roll on or spray?

Now you have a choice of the type of product to use to block your BO and sweaty underarms. If you suffer from excessive sweat then pick a roll-on or deodorant stick. They block sweat pretty effectively. But if BO is your bane then using a deodorant spray with powder touch finish is a good idea.

Now the right way to use it…

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It’s really easy you know. With few little tweaks you can smell and be fresh through the day. So here goes:

  1. Use your antiperspirant stick or roll-on on your underarms as soon as you get out of the shower on a little damp body. Two or three strokes should do the trick.
  2. Wait for the product to dry; that way it blocks the sweat glands from going on an over drive.
  3. Now take your deo spray give it a good shake to mix the ingredients together.
  4. Hold the bottle or the can at least 15cms, which is half way between your underarm and elbow, from your underarms.
  5. Now spray, two seconds to be precise on each underarm. No matter what the ads show, you don’t have to envelop yourself in a cloud of overpowering fragrance.
  6. Wait for the product to settle on your skin before you put on your dress or shirt to prevent white deo patches forming on your clothes.

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