The Ultimate Winter Grooming Guide For The Modern Man

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If there’s one season that can wreak total havoc on your skin – it’s winter. The chilly winds coupled with indoor air conditioners damage the skin’s protective layer causing it to turn dry and feel tight. First signs of cracking appear on your face, lips and then move all over the body. You really don’t want to be feeling that with the Christmas party season in full swing, not to mention the countless marriages to attend. Here are some easy tips on how to look your best in this weather!

Drink Up:
No, we don’t mean a pint of beer silly! We’re talking about hydrating your skin with moisturisers. You need to replenish your skin with all the moisture that it has lost. Switch to a heavier based one like L’Oreal’s Men Expert White ActivMoisturiser SPF 20. It also helps even out skin tone and gives visibly fairer skin.

Lip service:
It’s mistletoe season and the last thing you would want is chapped lips. Nivea Mens Active Care SPF 15 lip balm is manly enough to carry around in your back pocket. What’s more, it is fragrance-free and doesn’t contain any flavouring, so you don’t have to worry about being caught borrowing from your girl!

Protect Yourself:
It might be winter but you still need to wear SPF. In fact, in winter UVA rays still tend to affect us, so don’t think sunscreen is only a summer product. Daily application of sunscreen will prevent the appearance of fine lines and dark spots. We recommend Biotique’s Bio Carrot Sun Lotion SPF 40.

Get Handsy:
Puns aside, your hands will be rough and your ladylove won’t appreciate that one bit. Combat that by applying a thick layer of hand cream like Anatomicals Night Time Hand Cream. Containing shea butter and avocado oil, this fast-acting cream will make your hands feel smooth again.

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