The Ultimate V-Day Grooming Guide For Men

Valentine’s Day is almost here. By now, you’d have already asked your love interest out on a date or better still planned a surprise for them, bought the gifts, ordered the flowers and got the box of her favourite chocolates. While that checks a lot of right boxes, if you really want to sweep her off her feet, the only thing left to do is upping your styling game. For a change, let it be you who dresses to impress and we guarantee it’ll be totally worth the effort.

Here is a detailed rundown to help you get started:

Get Groomed
Nothing enhances a man’s sex appeal more than a prim and proper turnout. The first step in that direction is to get a handle on your grooming:

  • Get a haircut the evening before or on the morning of your date, so that your hair looks sharp.
  • If you sport a clean-shaven look, shave right before you start getting ready for your date using a soft shaving gel and apply a musky aftershave for soothing your skin and that lingering fragrance. Those who sport a beard or stubble must trim it as neatly as possible using a grooming set.
  • Shampoo and condition your hair and set it using a gentle yet strong hold gel like the Ustraa Strong Hold Hair Gel With Soya & Wheat Proteins.
  • Don’t forget to nourish your skin with a moisturiser suitable for your skin type and dab your lips with some lip balm to keep them soft and moist.
  • Before you head out for your date, don’t forget to wear cologne or perfume of your choice.
  • Keep a few mints handy to keep your breath fresh and pleasant.

Valentine’s Day Looks
Once your grooming is taken care of, the next big thing is to pick out an ensemble that will accentuate your body type and personality. Turn to these two Valentine’s Day men’s looks for inspiration:

Sauvé and Dapper
There are few things as stimulating as a man in a suit. If your Valentine’s Day date plans involve a romantic dinner, you must suit up for your lady. It’s a classic look that you just can’t go wrong with.

Cool and Casual
If a suit is too formal for your liking and comfort, you can give your Valentine’s Day look a cool and casual twist with cotton trousers paired up with a shirt, sweater vest and an open jacket.

With that, you are all set to ace your Valentine’s Day date and build some beautiful memories with your significant other.

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