The Ultimate Father’s Day Gifting Guide

Fathers Day

It is that time of the year when the opportunity to express your love and gratitude to the most important man in your life is just around the corner. Yes, Father’s Day is almost here, and we’ve picked out the perfect gifting guide for dads of every kind:

The Barber Dad
If your dad is a man who likes to sport a good beard and moustache and takes immense pride in grooming it ‘just right’ every day, he’d be overjoyed to add a multi-purpose grooming kit like the Philips Multi Grooming Set to his line-up of accessories. With eight attachments and 18 length settings, it is a one-stop-solution for all grooming needs.

The Clean Shaven Dad
On the other hand, if your dad prefers the clean shaven look, with no stubble or even a five o’ clock shadow building up, he’s bound to have a penchant for after-shave lotions. If you are working on a shoe-string budget, this is one gift you can rarely go wrong with. Introduce your dad to a new refreshing hint of masculine fragrance with the Gillette Aftershave Splash Cool Wave or replace the typical after-shave lotion with a gel-based option like the Biotique Men Bio Wild Grass After Shave Gel. If your dad is anything like mine and loves to stick to his tried and tested favourites, you can always fall back on the classic Old Spice.

The Metrosexual Dad
Does your father often ask you for recommendations for a good shampoo or face wash? Well, metrosexual fathers are fun to be around! Since they love to stoke their sense of vanity every now and then, it isn’t hard to look for appropriate gifts for them. Get your dad a custom-made skincare basket with Mancave Caffeine Shampoo, Mancave Conditioning Style Cream, Mancave Lemon & Oak Shower Gel, Loreal Men Anti Tightness Cleansing Gel and Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Moisturiser for all his skincare needs.

The Minimalistic Dad
A lot of men cringe at the sight of too many skincare and grooming products lining up the bathroom shelves. If your dad is one of them and gets by with a bar of soap for his hair, face and body, introduce him to a whole new world of self-love and care with minimalist products like the Nivea Frangipani & Oil Shower Gel, Toni & Guy Limited Edition 2-in-1 Shampoo, or a vintage-style timeless fragrance like Whiskey Vintage EDT.

The Travelling Dad
If your dad’s job requires him to be on the go constantly, you can put together a thoughtful Father’s Day gift that will help him look and feel his best even in transit. A compact multi-grooming set to help him take care of his shaving and trimming needs even in public restrooms, a styling gel like the Gatsby Styling Pomade Supreme Hold to prevent his hair from going haywire during travel and nice roll-on to keep him fresh through the day should do the trick.

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