Truth Behind Beauty Myths

Truth about beauty myths
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There are old wives tales, and there are myths especially when it comes to beauty and beauty treatments. Some might work, but most of the time these are not true, and following these beauty myths can do more harm than good. We got Dr. Rashmi Shetty, cosmetic physician and dermatologist to share the truths behind some of the popular beauty myths:

Myth: Fairness creams make you fairer.

Truth: you cannot really fight your genes. If you are dusky to dark you cannot become fair, no matter what you try. So fairness creams do not really make you fair, just help in lightening your skin tone. These creams have sun protection and melanin blockers which work together to protect your skin from tanning and prevent the extra pigment from forming so that your skin appears lighter in colour. While you cannot become fair, but these creams do smooth out the complexion and give you skin up to two shades lighter.

Myth:  Makeup is bad for skin

Truth: If you use the right product matching your skin type then the makeup does help in enhancing your looks in a good way. Nowadays makeup products contain skin-friendly ingredients. For example, you have foundations that have SPF that offers sun protection, or lipsticks that soothe chapped lips and plump up thin lips. However, what is bad for skin really is not taking the makeup off at night before going to bed. Also avoid using expired makeup products, since the rancid ingredients can react with your skin.

Myth:  All natural products are good for you.

Truth: Not necessarily. Even natural products contain acids and minerals which can react with your skin. You might be genetically predisposed to be allergic to some of the acids or minerals found in fruits, herbs, and plants used in beauty products. Whether naturally sourced or lab synthesised, you have to be aware of the actives that go into a product. Even so called herbal products have some chemicals to stabilise the actives and increase shelf life.

Myth:  Oily and normal skin types do not need moisturisers

Truth: All skin needs moisturizers. The thickness or rather the richness of the moisturiser depends on the skin type, lifestyle and ambient conditions. So if you have a dry skin go for a heavier, creamy moisturizers with ingredients like may be vitamin E. But if you have oily skin stick to lighter, lotions or milk formulations with may be AHAs and BHAs. And if you have skin dripping with oil you will still need a hydrant, may be in the form of a mist or gel which is water-based. If you keep oily skin and completely stay away from any moisturizers and keep washing the skin often, you’ll only drive it towards over-sensitivity and a rebound increase in sebum production; thus worsening the situation. Also hydration and keeping the moisture balance on your skin on helps skin heal better.