Trim Those Man Brows Properly!

Sure you’re a man who doesn’t need to trim anything, but what girl is going to want a beastly looking man besides Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Ok, maybe girls don’t care either, but in case they do, here are a few tips and tricks to get those pesky face hairs into a formation.


Keeping it Simple
We aren’t trying to reshape your entire face, just give you a quick clean up. Spot your problem areas. Do you have a unibrow that you want to be separated? Just take care of that area.

plucked eyebrows

Avoid Excessive Maintenance
Just like a stubble, eyebrows are going to grow back eventually, even if you pluck them every day, there will still be a point at which they are large enough to see but too small to pluck. Welcome to the world of womanhood! This is why it’s important to minimise the number of plucked hairs – so you don’t have ‘eyebrow shadow’, where you plucked them.

joey eyebrows
Your ‘Arch-Nemesis’ 
The arch of your eyebrows is the part that arcs up a bit on the underside of your brows. A clean eyebrow arch can look very feminine and artificial, if you remember Joey from Friends. Leaving that area untouched is a key part of making groomed brows look masculine and natural.

percet brows

No Eyebrow is Perfect
Remember boys, your eyebrows are brothers, not twins. Don’t obsess over making your eyebrows even, clean and straight. We want to go for a ‘you think I’m manicured but I’m really not’ look. Make sure they’re neat and not lopsided and leave it at that. You’ll end up over-plucking and making a mess if you obsess over making them even and super-neat.

akshay kumar eyebrow

Enhance, don’t re-shape
Unless your brows are at an Akshay Kumar 80s level of bushiness, try to simply enhance the natural shape of your brows instead of making them conform to a specific shape you have in mind. This will give you the most natural results.

At the end of it all, there are also thousands of unisex salon and your girlfriend/wife who would love to help you out!