Trendy Hairstyles To Try This Season

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the salon for some time now and have managed to raise a decent crop of keratin on your head, it is time to spiff up that vegetation. Buns and braids are the obvious go-to’s but we have a few more styles to help you keep it stylish this summer. Check out the season’s coolest hairstyles and don’t forget to try them on.

The Waterfall Braid
Simple yet edgy this style walks as breezily into supermarkets as into summer soirees. Make a major impression with minimal effort in this cascading hairdo.
Before you begin, prep your hair with the Semi Di Lino Sublime Cristalli Liquidi Hair Serum to keep your hair in place and for a glossy finish.

 Find out how to nail it here.

Space Buns

Big on 90s nostalgia, this ’Wannabe’ Spice Girl hairstyle is as cute as it gets this season. Bake these buns in less than 2 mins and allow your neck to breathe. Position them anywhere between the crown to the nape and channel your inner Princess Leia. To set the buns, use a few quick spritzes of Giovanni L.A. Hold Hair Spritz. 

Curly Ponytail

Give the regular ponytail a twist to glam things up. Morning jog or date night, this hairstyle sways everywhere. All it needs is a good curler, a stylish scrunchie and about ten minutes of your time.

Wispy Bun

If space buns aren’t your style, try out their cousin—The Wispy Bun. Take a cue from Meghan Markle (sports this style very often) and let a few strands loose when you make a not-so-tight bun on the nape of your neck. Not exactly royal but it has an independent and airy vibe, you’re sure to dig.  If you want to add in some texture, use a texturizing hair spray to finish it off.

The Wet Look

Got hair but not enough for tying braids or buns? A slick, wet summer look is what you should aim for. Get a hold of a lot of high-gloss hair gel and slather it over. This just-got-out-of-the-shower style is edgy and Jennifer Lopez-approved.

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