Travel Beauty Kit – All That’s Essential

You must have seen what’s inside a celebrity’s travel kit hundreds of times by now, and in case you are looking to give your kit that all-round finish, we will help. Your travel beauty kit is like a newly-adopted puppy—it needs special attention.

So, first, choose a pouch that’s spacey enough to accommodate at least 10 items. Then remember to buy travel packs of all the essentials, so that you don’t have to part with them at airport security.


Wet Wipes
There’s nothing like a fragrant wipe on your face when you’re dustier than a doormat. Buy a small pack of wet wipes to stay fresh after tiring trips.

Face Wash
When you have the luxury of running water while travelling, keep aside those wipes and give your face a thorough cleanse with your favourite face-wash.

Don’t skip sunscreen no matter where in the world you are. Always carry a small pack with you and apply it religiously every day.

A CTM routine may be impossible during hectic travel. So, you can go without toning and just hydrate your skin with a fragrance-free moisturiser.

Please don’t forget to disinfect your hands as often as possible while travelling. The corona scare is legit and we don’t want you to catch anything except your flight at the airport.

Keep those armpits and co-passengers happy by using a deodorant that lasts long. Reapply if you think its effect is subsiding.

Lip Balm
Chapped lips have the superpower to spoil the prettiest of faces, so, always keep your lip balm handy in either your pocket or purse and an extra one in your kit for added safety.


BB/CC cream
Primer, foundation, highlighter, etc. take up tons of space, hence we suggest you make space only for a multipurpose BB/CC cream in your travel kit.

Kajal & Eyeliner
If you are a regular user, you’ll probably look sick without them, so pack the sort that glides smoothly and can be applied easily wherever, whenever.

No kit is complete without lipstick. Pick a shade or two that will complement most of your wardrobe, and retouch your pout as you please.

It’s advisable to fit in a small blush to flush your cheeks on the go. We recommend something shimmery so that it works as a highlighter too.

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