Top Anti-Ageing Myths Busted

When it comes to anti-ageing, misinformation is so rife that it is often hard to tell facts from fiction. Almost everyone you know has a few expert opinions to offer on how to retain that youthful suppleness of your skin. While some claim water is the elixir flowing out of the fountain of youth, other recommend maintaining a poker face over smiles and frowns to keep those nasty wrinkles at bay. It is easy to see through some of these myths, but then there are those that have been repeated so often that they are almost passed around as facts. We look and bust some of these top anti-ageing myths for you:

Mature is Not a Skin Type
A lot of anti-ageing products out there are targeted at specific age groups, claiming that they are designed to resolve problems associated with ‘mature’ skin. However, the right skincare is one that is based on your skin type, and mature is not a skin type. Your skin can have the same needs and problems in the 50s as it did in your 30s, except they can feel more pronounced with advancing age. So, your skincare regime must always be centered on your skin type and concerns. A hydrating cream like Swiss Image Absolute Hydration Day Cream, for instance, can resolve the problem of dull skin and fine lines a lot more effectively than a cream designed for the 40+.

Anti-ageing is For the Old
Dermatologists and skincare experts advise that you must adopt a targeted anti-ageing skincare as early as in your 20s, well before the visible signs of ageing make an appearance. A lot of people hesitate in adopting anti-ageing products for the fear that they may be too strong for their youthful skin. While these products may be potent, these are never harmful to the skin. Even if you don’t have any persistent skin concerns that need to be addressed immediately, you must at least follow a cleansing, toning, moisturising routine religiously, along with an effective sunscreen like Dr Sheth’s Basic Brightening Daily Sunscreen SPF30.

Ageing in Your Genes
While there is no denying the fact that genes play a role in determining when the process of skin ageing begins, their influence is rather limited. Almost 90 percent of skin ageing is brought on by external factors and lifestyle habits such as exposure to sun, pollution, eating and drinking habits. Adopting a night cream like the Mitchell USA Age-Less Night Therapy Anti Wrinkle Cream, in addition to the basic CTM regime, can help in delaying the onset of these signs of ageing.

Once The Signs of Ageing Appear, It’s Too Late to Act
A lot of people resign to their fate, thinking that they are doomed to live with wrinkles, dark spots, and dull and patchy skin because it is not possible to reverse the skin ageing process. This is far from the truth. With the right kind of skin care products, it is possible to stop further damage to the skin and also reduce the existing signs of ageing. Our skin has an extraordinary ability to recover, and you can lend impetus to its self-rejuvenating abilities with the right skincare routine. Products like Malu Wilz Micellar Cleansing Water, Malu Wilz Gentle Cleansing Foam, and Malu Wilz Hydro Thalasso Intensive Mask helps regenerate skin cells making you look youthful and radiant

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