Top 5 Styling Tools That Make Hairstyling A Breeze 

The grass is greener on the other side of the fence adage doesn’t ring any truer than in the case of hair styling preferences. Those born with fine, poker-straight hair yearn for curls. Those with voluminous curls desire perfectly flattened tresses. The ones with soft waves swing both ways, depending on mood and occasion. 

And why not! It’s perfect yet one of the simplest ways to give your appearance a fresh twist. The right hair styling is the key to gorgeous style statements. Your choice of styling tools and appliances plays an important role in helping you achieve that flawless finish for different looks. 

Whether you want bouncy curls, poker-straight hair or a simple smooth blowout – the secret to getting it right lies in your choice of styling equipment. With the market flush with dryers, blow-dry brushes, curling rods and flat irons, in different price ranges and for different hair types, zeroing in one that perfectly complements your needs can be tricky. 

To help you make the right selection, we have handpicked the top 5 styling tools and appliances that make hairstyling a breeze: 

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Philips Hair Dryer
If you cannot step out without a smooth blowout done to perfection, you simply cannot give this hairdryer a miss. A portable and travel-friendly tool, the Philips hair dryer proves to be the perfect hair styling companion you can carry no matter where you go. 

It comes with three-speed and heat settings that facilitate optimal drying, with a smoothening effect, for hair of different types, thickness and lengths. 

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Wahl Argan Care Straight And Curl Hair Straightener
Born with stubborn curls but love the straight, smooth finish? Well, then you’d be all too familiar with how time-consuming and challenging the process can be. Not to mention the perils of constant heat exposure that render the hair brittle and dull. 

The Wahl Argan Care Straight And Curl Hair Straightener with argan-oil infused floating ceramic plates and efficient temperature control is just the tool you need to revel in the beauty of frizz-free straightened tresses without any of the nasty aftereffects. 

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Philips Heated Straightening Brush
This straightening brush made with ThermoProtect technology and keratin-infused ceramic bristles has been designed to make hair styling swift and effortless. The large brush area and friction-free SilkPro care make giving your hair a flawless straight finish as simple as combing through. 

This is the ideal styling appliance for those with wavy hair or soft curls. 

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Ikonic Curl Me Up 28 Black
Love them curly loops flowing down the nape of your neck all the way over your shoulders? The hassle-free Ikonic Curl Me tong is just what you need to add that oomph factor to your hairstyle whenever you please.

The clean, simple design of this curling tong makes it extremely easy to use, even for novices. Simply wrap your hair on the barrel, as closely or far apart as you’d like to size your curls, hold for a few seconds, and you’re done! 

The fast heat recovery system of this curling tong enhances the speed of use, helping you transform your hair into well-rounded curls or soft waves in a matter of minutes. 

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Ikonic M3 Tripple Tong Black
Are you blessed with super silky hair that always falls so flawlessly into place that they look like the handiwork of a pro-stylist? While this hair type is enviable for reasons more than one, its hair cannot hold any shape other than its natural one. 

Curl and twist them as much as you like, they inevitably slither back to their flat, straight form. Anyone with this hair type knows how frustrating that experience can be. 

The Ikonic M3 Tripple Tong is the solution you’ve been looking for all along. The three tongs sandwiched in two heavy plates enhance the effectiveness of this curling tool manifold. The design, coupled with the fast heat recovery system, helps you transform hair of every type, size and volume, into flawless curls that hold shape for hours without needing any redo.

With these top-of-the-line tools and appliances by your side, you can amp up your hairstyling game several notches, and add the perfect finishing touches to any look. 

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