Toning: Not Just For Your Body

Do you associate toning with working out and getting lean and fit more than with your skin care routine? If facial toner isn’t a part of your skin care vocabulary or has always seemed like an unnecessary step to you, here’s the low-down on how it can help you in the eternal quest for smooth and glowing skin.

Toner is a lotion that is usually water based. It should be the second step of your routine, used after you wash your face and before you apply any serum, cream or sunscreen. It’s great for tropical Indian climates and as a weapon in the battle against shiny and excessively oily skin (especially during the monsoons – an insane amount of humidity is the flip-side to the gorgeous cloudy skies and moody weather).

A good toner is a hard-working multi-tasker, just like you. It will:

  • Take away any leftover impurities to ensure squeaky clean skin.
  • Minimise your pores and control excessive oil production.
  • Hydrate your skin, which can sometimes feel dried out after washing. This will allow your moisturiser or lotion to be absorbed by your skin much more easily, and be more effective.
  • Aid in protecting and restoring your skin, since many toners also contain antioxidant ingredients.

In the oppressing heat and humidity, applying a cool and nourishing toner to your skin feels like a treat. Store it in the fridge for an even more refreshing feeling. Sweep it on using cotton pads, or use the spray if it comes with one. Allow it some time to sink in and unload it’s goodness into your skin before you apply anything else.

Make sure you choose your toner wisely, taking into consideration your skin-type and concerns and use it twice daily for the best results. Here are some of the best picks from Health & Glow:
H&G recommended

  1. Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner with Himalayan Waters
  2. Aloe Veda Cypress and Witch Hazel Toner
  3. VLCC Rose Water Toner

Go forth and tone for your skin! We’d love to hear from you about your favourite toners and what’s working for you.

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