Thoughtful Gifts Your Sibling Will Absolutely Love This Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner. And you what that means. Don’t you? It’s the time to give the typical brother-sister bickering some rest and let your sibling know how much they mean to you. Yes, the usual affectionate displays of emotions for our siblings don’t come naturally to most. 

We’re prepared to protect them with all we have should anyone (including our parents) lay a finger on them, yet saying ‘I love you, bhai’ or ‘I love you, my little sister’ can seem like the hardest thing. That’s just how this unique bond functions. Even if being vocal about your feelings just isn’t your thing, it doesn’t mean you cannot make your brother or sister feel loved, appreciated and cherished. 

As they say, actions speak louder than words. What could be a more telling gesture of your affection than a thoughtful Raksha Bandhan gift that melts their heart? If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve got you covered with these spectacular Rakhi gift ideas. 

Rakhi Gift Ideas For Brothers And Sisters
This Raksha Bandhan, give the usual gift choices of chocolates, clothes, gift vouchers and cash-stuffed envelopes a rest. Think outside the box, and make your sibling feel special with a thoughtful Rakhi gift. Here are some Rakhi gift ideas for both brothers and sisters you can explore to get started: 

Rakhi Gifts for Sisters
You know she has scoured the entire marketplace to find that perfect Rakhi to adorn your wrist with. In all probability, added a gift to the mix to make the occasion that much more memorable for you. You too can reciprocate with these unique Rakhi gifts for sisters: 

  1. Makeup Accessories: If your sister is a makeup fanatic who spends a better part of her day looking up tutorials online to up game, there couldn’t be a more fitting Rakhi gift for her than some top-of-the-line makeup accessories. You can’t go wrong with a top-of-the-line product like the Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Brush Set.
  2. Perfume: Don’t understand the world of makeup? Or have a sister who likes to keep things minimalistic? Well, we have a fail-proof gift option for you – a premium fragrance. This is one accessory every girl needs to complete her look, no matter the mood or occasion. Handpick a rich, intoxicating and heady fragrance like Paco Rabanne Lady Million EDP For Women for your sister this Raksha Bandhan, and she’ll be over the moon. We promise she’ll even let you have that last slice of pizza after this. 
  3. Handcrafted Soaps: Soap as a Rakhi gift? Yes, a regular bar of soap would be a disastrous Rakhi gift for sure, but handcrafted soaps like The Earth Reserve Charcoal and Orange bar are in a different league altogether. The rejuvenating, relaxing properties of these soaps can elevate the bathing experience instantly. So, don’t just dismiss our suggestion outright. If a single bar of soap seems too underwhelming, you can curate an assortment of bathing essentials such as loofahs, body oils and Fruit Works Strawberry & Pomelo Body Scrub
  4. Skin Care Basket: A good skincare regime is like that BFF every girl needs in her life. Show her your thoughtful and sensitive side by putting together a gift basket of skin care essentials, based on her skin type (you may need to enlist help from your mother or her friend to figure this out). Here are a few suggestions to help you get started: Mamaearth Coco Face Scrub with Coffee And Cocoa, Health & Glow Aloe Vera & Charcoal Blackhead Remover Nose Strip, Mirabelle Korea Fairness Facial Mask Wine and The Moms Co. 24 Hour Skincare Starter Kit
  5. Lipsticks: There is no such thing as ‘too many lipsticks’ in a woman’s world. That’s why this is a bankable gift idea you just cannot go wrong with. Between different shades, types and formulations, you also have an endless array of options to choose from. A good old-fashioned matter lipstick like Colorbar USA Sinful Matte Lipcolor, a crayon variant like SUGAR Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick, or liquid lip colour like L’Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Matte Liquid Lipstick are all great options.

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Rakhi Gift Ideas For Brothers 

Sometimes a rakhi alone doesn’t cut it when you want to tell your brother how much you love him, despite all his messy and bossy ways. So, this Raksha Bandhan, up the ante with these Rakhi gifts for brothers: 

  1. Grooming Set: If you have a lazy brother who tries to pass off this unkempt look like a hallmark of his cool quotient, a grooming tool like the Philips Shaver For Men would be the perfect gift for him. With this easy-to-use and skin-friendly grooming solution, he’d finally get around to primping up his face. Trust us, he will thank you for all the extra attention his suave new turnout gets him. 
  2. Shaving Kit: Give your brother’s shaving routine a facelift with a shaving kit like the Phy Classic Shave Combo For Men. Comprising a shaving gel, brush and aftershave mist, it’s a complete utility solution that he’s sure to appreciate. 
  3. Aftershave Lotion: Introduce your brother to a new world after-shave freshness beyond yesteryears’ Old Spice charm with a modern and edgy solution like Paul Pender’s Best After Shave Lotion. This is an organic aftershave lotion made with all-natural ingredients, which means it is easy on the skin and more effective in restoring the skin cells that may get damaged in the process of shaving. 
  4. Beard Solutions: If your brother sports a rugged mane on his face, then a beard managing solution like the Man Arden Beard Balm would be an apt gift for him. The moisturising properties of this balm soften the facial hair, making them more manageable and well-tamed. He’s going to thank you for transforming his looks and also his life by making bread maintenance both cost- and time-efficient. 
  5. Fragrance: Looking for something a little grander for your brother? What could be a better choice than a premium fragrance like the Mont Blanc Legend Night EDT for Men. Your brother will love to bask in the glory of this charismatic and mysterious scent. Brownie points scored!

We hope you find just the gift you’re looking for and make this Raksha Bandhan your most special yet.

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