This World Environment Day, Make Self-Care Sustainable

With each passing year, World Environment Day comes as a pressing reminder of how desperately we need to correct course if we want to have any hope of leaving behind an inhabitable planet for our future generations. Until recently, largely due to a lack of awareness, not many of us understood the extent of damage we were causing the environment with our small every action – from buying beauty products tested on animals to using disposable sanitary pads that burden the landfills. 

Now that the consciousness around sustainable living is growing, many people are more mindful of their choices. For instance, women are shifting from disposable sanitary pads to biodegradable organic variants or menstrual cups. Likewise, more and more people are choosing cruelty-free, vegan products over their chemical-laden counterparts. 

If you’re looking for the right products to truly integrate sustainability into your lifestyle, here is a detailed guide on how to make self-care environment friendly: 

Brands That Have Embraced Sustainability Beyond Greenwashing
There are a lot of brands that position themselves as sustainable and eco-friendly. However, scratch beyond the surface, and you’d realize that, in most cases, these efforts are superficial at best and an attempt at greenwashing at worst. Amid this sea of enterprises that operate solely to add to their bottom lines, there is mushrooming a new crop of businesses that are embracing sustainability in true earnest. 

Here are 5 such brands whose ethos is in sync with the environment: 

Natural Vibes 
This skin and hair care brand not only manufactures earth-friendly, vegan products using ancient principles of Ayurveda but has also adopted a viable green policy. Natural Vibes pledges to reduce its carbon footprint through recycling. Besides, they also plant trees for every sale they make. 

Organic India
Organic India, a manufacturer of herbal supplements, essential oils, spices and tea, is rooted in age-old, environment-friendly farming practices. Apart from practising organic farming and growing their products without the use of pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals, they also teach farmer communities regenerative farming techniques. Thousands of tribals and indigenous farmers have benefited from this collaboration. 

Menstrual cups are considered to be one of the most ideal ways to ensure that intimate hygiene doesn’t result in colossal waste generation. However, the use of menstrual cups isn’t recommended for everyone. Carmesi’s organic, biodegradable sanitary napkins provide the perfect alternative for such women. Besides, Carmesi also partners with like-minded NGOs to make sanitary products available to marginalised girls and women as well as educate them about proper hygiene practices. 

Bebe Nature 
Using clean products and ensuring that caring for their baby does not yield a huge carbon footprint are primary concerns for a lot of parents today. Their environment-friendly and natural baby products offer just that. For instance, Bebe Nature’s baby wipes are completely biodegradable, and all their products come in seed paper packaging that can be reused to grow plants. 

Just like Carmesi, Yoni too provides an eco-friendly alternative for menstrual hygiene. Their tampons, pads and pantyliners are chemical-free and made from 100% organic cotton. These are biodegradable, comfortable to wear and completely free from parabens and plastic. 

10 Eco-Friendly, Clean Products To Help You Go Green 

So, you saw, how a new segment for brands is striving to create a new, sustainable world order. This brings us to the question of how you can join in and make a difference. We make the transition to sustainable choices simpler for you with this handpicked selection of 10 eco-friendly, clean products that cater to diverse self-care needs: 

  1. Organic Harvest Happy Lips Strawberry Lip Balm: Enriched with shea butter and strawberry flavour, and free from any harmful chemicals, this is ideal for keeping the lips hydrated and moist.
  2. Soulflower Sweet Rose Soap: A vegan soap infused with rose essential oil and petals, this clean and eco-friendly product is sure to elevate your bath experience.
  3. TrueBasics Multivit Men 50+ Anti-oxidants: This herbal supplement is made with natural ingredients like Brahmi, Fenugreek, Mucuna seed extract to boost immunity, memory and energy.
  4. Natural Vibes Ayurvedic Beauty Oil: A face oil designed to improve skin tone, add glow, and give you a refreshed radiance, Natural Vibes beauty oil is made with 24 karat gold flakes and completely free of the likes of mineral oils, paraffin oil, and parabens.
  5. Carmesi Eco-Conscious Sanitary: These organic, biodegradable sanitary pads are easy on the skin as well as the environment.
  6. Biotique MagiKajal: An organ as sensitive as the eyes must be protected from harsh chemicals at all costs. This Ayurvedic formulation with 100% natural ingredients accentuates the eyes without posing any potential risk of irritation or damage.
  7. ENN Matte Lipstick Coco: Up your lip makeup game with this cruelty-free, herbal and organic lipstick with intense pigmentation and a glossy finish.
  8. St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Shampoo: Infused with the goodness of argan oil, this vegan shampoo is a God-sent for frizzy and dry hair.
  9. Giovanni 2 Chic Brazilian Keratin & Argan Oil Conditioner: Speaking of dry and frizzy hair, this is a conditioner you just can’t go wrong with. The benefits of argan oil combined with Brazilian Keratin make it a magical formula to soften those tresses. Of course, it’s as clean and green as they come.
  10. Inatur Avocado Body Butter: This avocado oil-based body butter abounds in proteins, vitamins and fatty acids that can revitalize and rejuvenate the skin almost instantly. 

When you shop for beauty and wellness products next, give these organic, chemical-free products a chance. They are good for your body and your planet. 

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