This One Product Rescued My Frizzy Hair

My hair is not very well-behaved, not at most times. And add to that my countless visits to the colourists to hide my greys, extra dose of sun these past months and general lifestyle stress. I’m sad to say, my hair texture is more like a bale of straw than anything human.

During a recent visit to my hairstylist for a hair spa therapy, she was really concerned over the brittle frizz and dryness. She recommended that I give my strands regular dose of moisture and some natural oils, along with the in-salon therapies. The solution she suggested was to purchase an oil-infused shampoo so that my roots get some nourishment and hair cuticles get smoothened for added shine and softness.

Well, I wanted to try something new from a new brand, since I felt my usual shampoo did not really give me the results. So, I took my hairstylist’s advice and asked for a shampoo with added natural oils at my neighbourhood Health & Glow store in Bengaluru. The beauty advisor introduced me to Happy Hair Days Macademia Oil Moisturising Shampoo, Rs. 575.

This message from the brand in the packaging was what got me drawn to trying it out –

“We believe in keeping things natural and are proud to claim our gentle haircare products are free from parabens, sodium laureth sulphate and mineral oils.

We aren’t perfect but we try to use ‘good stuff’ where we can!”

Turns out, it is an ultra-moisturising shampoo meant for repairing and conditioning dry hair and scalp. Free from the baddie ingredients, Happy Hair Days is a clear shampoo with a thick consistency. I decided to dilute it with few drops of water before applying it through my hair. I like my shampoo to really lather up, but I was iffy about this one, since it was low on the surfactant part. However, I was pleasantly surprised because even though it’s sulfate-free, this shampoo gave me some serious amount of lather – I so enjoy making those foam spikes through my hair as I shampoo. It is childish but I am not ashamed to admit it!

Just to test the moisturising claims of this shampoo, I actually ditched the conditioner for couple of consecutive shampooing sessions. And I was not disappointed. Thanks to the Macademia nut oil in the product, my hair felt soft, looked really shiny, and there was negligible frizz (something that I could manage with few drops of hair serum). Loved the mild floral fragrance that came from , which sort of lingered on for quite a while.

I am sure that this is one shampoo bottle that’s going to grace my bathroom counter for some time to come now.

– The review was conducted by Priyanka Bhattacharya, resident beauty editor at Health & Glow.