The Ultimate Guide To Quick Work Makeup

The Ultimate Guide To Quick Work Makeup-min (1)

Getting ready for work is a constant race against the clock. In the midst of the morning rush, taking out time for an elaborate makeup routine can seem like a luxury.  However, that does not mean that you need to compromise on looking your best. After all your appearance plays a big role in making a favourable impression and uplifting your self-confidence. We bring you five quick and easy work makeup looks for that polished, professional touch:

Minimalistic Mondays
Mondays usually start on a slow-paced note as you are still trying to bounce back from the leisurely weekend mood. A minimalistic look best complements that state of mind. Start off your Mondays by adding a pop of colour on the lips with a deep red lipstick, a layer highlighter like the FACES Canada Ultime Pro Blendfinity Highlighter for a dewy appearance and round off the look with a hint of mascara.

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Smoke It Up Tuesdays
As the momentum of work picks up, bring out your fiery side with a smokey look. Now, full-blown smokey makeup can feel a tad over-the-top for a workplace. However, you can make it work by blending in some subtle browns for a toned down effect. Begin by prepping your face with a neutral concealer like the Rubys Organics Concealer Balm Neutral and highlighter, work your eyes with smokey eye shadow like the L’Oreal Paris Le Stylo Smoky Eyeshadow Mocha Coffee for a subtle yet impeccable effect and complete the look with a lip colour of your choice.

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Dark Lips Wednesdays
By Wednesday, you are already combating mid-week blues, with deadlines staring you in the face and weekend still far away. This calls for a cheery look that can keep your spirits soaring. Experiment with dark lips appearance to add an element of sizzle to your Wednesdays. Move over from your go-to browns and pinks and try-out bold and hues like oxy maroon, plum, dark brown and mauve. To balance out the colour on your lips, work with neutral shades on the eyes and cheeks with nude eye shadow and sheer bronzer.

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All-Natural Thursdays
There is nothing quite as sophisticated as makeup that does not look made up. For the all-natural look, you need to focus on bringing out the eyes with well-defined brows. Clean strokes of eyeliner and kajal and a hint of mascara on the lashes. And a soft glistening finish to your face with a subtle highlighter and a hint of blush on the cheekbones. Finally, a light pink lipstick should bask in the glory of an all-natural look.

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Glow Fridays
Come Friday, and the idea of a long, relaxing weekend ahead adds a natural glow to your face and spring in your stride. In keeping with that calming mood, a glowing look works best for Fridays. The key here is to work with a lot of nude shimmers. To get this look, you need to accentuate the eyes with a subtle gold eyeshadow like the Revlon Colorstay Creme Eyeshadow Brulee and add finishing touches with mascara. Move on to prep your face with a light foundation like the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation and enhance the cheekbones with a stroke of shimmering pink blush and round it off with a tinge of coloured lip balm like the Rubys Organics Tinted Lip Balm.

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