Top 5 Fragrance In Trend Now

Top 5 Fragrance Trends Now

We know that fragrance is a very personal thing. And we all like to have one signature perfume that we want to wear all the time. This strategy obviously takes away the pain of choosing the right fragrance for the right occasion. But the fun thing to do right now is to look for fragrances that fall under one of these accents.

Note # 1: Rose – The aroma of this exotic flower continues to be very popular and works for most people. It is an all-rounder as it has various facets that you can exploit to your advantage. During the warmer days, you can wear the light, airy blend of the rose fragrance; and for night times or during the cooler months where the more exotic Damascus Rose variant. It has a rich note and long lasting. Rose as a fragrance is a well-known mood lifter.

Note # 2: Tea – If you are looking for a soothing yet fresh scent, then try a body mist with tea, especially green tea blend. It is a sparkling scent when blended with bergamot and tangy orange. It leaves you feeling fresh without overwhelming your senses. Ideal scent to wear at work.

Note # 3: Berry – The rich, sensual fruity fragrance from the berries is ideal to warm up cool nights. Whether it is strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, grapes the scent when blended with woody notes of sandalwood leaves a sweet, exotic aroma that is often long lasting. Ideal for a date night perfume.

Note # 4: Tropical notes – If you want to add some girly fun to your get up, then try the latest tropical fragrances especially those that evoke the summer sun and sand like mango, coconut, pineapple, hibiscus, deep rainforest, palms, orchids, and amber. The notes are rich and long lasting, are very striking and feminine.

Note # 5: Oceanic – The scent of fresh sea breeze that calms the mind and energises it at the same it. The aqua notes are blended from the freshness of lily, freesia, watermelon, Orrisroot, cedar etc. The fragrance is always light, and energising, evokes a sense of freshness. Ideal to wear to office; especially on your lazy days.

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