The Guide To Head-Turning Festive Glow

We’re headed toward what is arguably the best time of the year. A comforting coolness in the air and a festive warmth all around make for a heady combination that we all look forward to, year after year. Apart from the celebrations and the meet-and-greets – which are more sought after than ever before in the wake of the pandemic – the festive season is also the perfect excuse to fill up the Gram with some of your best-looking shots. 

We know y’all are already working toward looking your flawless best, starting from Navratri all the way to Diwali. While you go about loading up your carts with the best attires and makeup products, don’t forget to show your skin some love and pampering. After all, the most resplendent glow is one that comes from within. Not sure where to get started? Follow this guide to a head-turning festive glow and we assure you you’ll be basking in the glory of supple, youthful skin by the time the celebration kick-off.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
Festive season or not, this is the Holy Grail of skin health that you must internalize in your self-care routine. Mounting everyday stresses and exposure to weather elements and pollutants can deplete the skin’s moisture content, and dehydrated skin cells are unable to function optimally, leading to a host of issues, ranging from dry and stretched skin to lines and wrinkles. 

To make sure your skin looks plump and feels supple, it needs the right dose of hydration, both internal and external. Besides adding deep nourishing moisturisers to your skincare regimen, it’s vital to drink plenty of water and other nourishing fluids as well as consume water-rich foods. 

Eat A Balanced Diet
The state of your skin is in many ways a reflection of the health of your body. That’s why the journey to achieving a sustainable glow begins with holistic, well-rounded self-care. There is no better way to embark on this journey than by committing to a balanced and healthy diet. 

Cut out the junk and fried foods (you’ll be gorging on them during the festivities anyway, so a little detox is a good idea by all measures), and focus on eating what can truly nourish you from the inside out. Your focus should be on following a healthy and balanced diet comprising proteins that are essential for maintaining cellular health, leafy greens that are rich in skin-friendly micro-nutrients, nuts that are a good source of good fats. 

And whatever you do, don’t go on a diet that requires you to starve yourself. Nothing drains the glow from your face like a famished body. 

Snooze It Up 
Have you ever noticed that your skin feels more tired and dull after you pull an all-nighter or don’t get a good night’s sleep? That’s because sleep is a restorative process that allows your body cells to heal from the stresses they’ve been exposed to through the day and rejuvenate. 

Getting the right amount of Zzzzzs is a must for restoring your skin to its youthful glory. So, you must follow a healthy bedtime routine with disciplined rigour, ensuring that you get restful, uninterrupted sleep for at least 7 hours every night. For a better outcome, back it up with a good night-time skincare routine that includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin with effective solutions like Himalayan Organics Retinol Night Cream, Earth Rhythm Renew Overnight Gel or Paul Penders Avocado & Cranberry Night Moisturizer.

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Sweat It Out 
Your skin can appear worn down and dull for a host of reasons. Thankfully, there is a quick-fix solution to counter this sluggishness – a consistent and effective exercise routine. To see a visible difference, you need to work out for a minimum of 150 minutes a week, or at least 30 minutes, five days a week. 

How does exercise help restore your skin’s glow, you ask? Well, in two ways – first, working out gets your heart rate up, which results in increased blood flow to the skin cells, allowing them to work more efficiently, and second, sweating while exercising flushes out toxins from the body and also helps clear the skin pores of any build-up of dust and grime. 

Ramp Up Your Skin Care Game
The good ol’ CTM routine, while crucial for your skin health, may not be enough to undo the damage that’s contributing to a dull, tired appearance. To see a visible difference in your skin’s natural glow, it’s imperative to supplement this basic regimen with an extra dose of care and nourishment. Here are a few things you can try to ramp up your skincare routine: 

  • Facial Masks: Face masks are formulated with concentrated quantities of skin-friendly ingredients, and that’s why they prove to be an effective and swift solution for breathing new life into your skin cells. You can pick a mask based on your skin type or any chronic concerns that you may be dealing with. For instance, the antioxidant-rich Mirabelle Korea Berries Fairness Facial Mask can be a god-sent for transforming dull skin and giving it a distinct dewy glow. Likewise, St. Botanica Vitamin C Brightening Acid Peel Off Mask can clear up acne and dark spots, thus enhancing the skin’s appearance
  • Exfoliate: Dull skin is most commonly a result of a build-up of dead skin cells and clogged pores, which can mask its original appearance. This can be addressed with a strong exfoliation routine. You can try Organic Harvest Anti Tan Face Scrub to address issues like darkened skin tone due to tanning and dull appearance due to clogged pores. The Gemblue BioCare Facial Papaya Scrub is a great choice for revitalising the skin and addressing the problem of pigmentation. And the Colorbar Blue Light Defense Resurfacing Instant Facial Scrub works wonders in softening the skin and adding a distinct glow to it. 
  • Body Scrubs: Speaking of exfoliation, it’s not just your facial skin that needs a good scrub every now and then to look its best. The same holds for your bodily skin as well. To make sure all those festive attires are accentuated the right way by supple and naturally glowing skin, you must invest in good body scrubs like Plum Bodylovin Vanilla Vibes Body Scrub and Bioblush Chocolicious Body Scrub, and make it a habit to use them weekly. 
  • Lip Care: The delicate skin of the lips is more prone to damage, and therefore, at a greater risk of looking dull and lifeless. The oft-overlooked aspect of your appearance can blunt the impact of the most resplendent-looking skin. You can prevent that from happening by investing in lip scrubs like ENN Cocoa Fee Lip Scrub or Mancode Choco Mint Lip Scrub that are designed to gently remove the layer of dead skin cells, leaving your lips plump and lusciously soft. 

The secret to glowing skin lies in caring for it from the inside and out. Most importantly, being consistent in showing love and care. That’s the only way to seek visible and lasting changes in your skin health.

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