The Beauty Of Being Positive In 2020

As we step into a new decade, there are many resolutions that we’d like to make. But among them all, we’d place self-love and self-care on the highest pedestal because positivity in the body and the mind is the first step to achieving everything else. Let’s look into the beauty of being positive and how we can achieve it.

Leave No Room For Stress
Such are the lives we lead that the constant juggle between work, personal chores, and a multitude of other things (not to mention the countless swipes and scrolls that we perform on our phones every day) leaves us with little or no time for ourselves. As a result, we burn out faster than we know it and stay deprived of the energy needed to take up the countless things that lay head in our to-do lists.

The fix?

De-stress, which can be fancy like a spa ritual. Or something simpler, like listening to soothing melodies or relaxing in the bath with aromatic oils. It can also be taking time off daily chores when possible, and doing only those things that are absolutely necessary. Or gobbling that favourite dessert kept away for so long thanks to diet plans.

For, every once in a while, we all deserve a break.  

Reboot With A Detox

If de-stressing is hitting the pause button, detox is going reboot, for a good reason. Most people associate the word with diet plans, but detox goes way beyond what’s on the plate. Consider this. In a world driven by social media, even a vacation ends up being a competition to showcase reel-like lives and to garner likes and shares. But think of the time spent doing this, and the emotional drain it leaves us with.

At the physical level, detox can begin with making a switch to clean beauty products. To things that are more natural, safer, and devoid of dubious ingredients that are ever-tied to debates on safety and efficacy. On the emotional front, detox can be taking a break from social media temporarily. Have actual, over-the-phone or face-to-face conversations with people who matter, instead of tapping ‘likes’ or ‘shares’. It can also be indulging in that one hobby, like baking, dancing, or writing, that you never put your heart into.

Know That You Are Who You Are
A little self-care never hurt anybody. But obsessing about it to a point where it dominates everything in our lives, is something that can send us down the rabbit hole even before we know it. Everybody has flaws, and we must embrace them wholeheartedly.

Those little spots on the skin, the smile lines near the mouth, the stretch marks on the thighs, or the tiny grey strands of hair aren’t things that should mess with your confidence. While you’re welcome to work on improving them, don’t push yourself so hard that you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. It’s ok to work on flaws, and it’s equally ok to let them be.

With these three little steps, we’re ready to take the positive leap ahead. Are you?

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