You Helped Improve Menstrual Hygiene In Rural India

Here’s our salute to all those women who stood up for women, and helped improve menstrual hygiene in rural India. Along with Goonj, we have distributed more than 45,000 sanitary napkins so far to the women in rural India through ‘H&G Women For Women’. You made it possible.

While menstruation is just a monthly affair for us, and we sail through it aided by tampons, pads and menstrual cups, not every woman enjoys this privilege. Periods are still considered a taboo in many regions of our country, leading to a bevvy of repercussions—

Basic Battles
Millions of rural Indian women don’t have access to something as basic as a clean cloth. Many reuse a piece of cloth endless times, while others resort to the use of ash, sand, newspapers etc. in the absence of a cloth.

School Interrupted
An increasing number of adolescent girls in Indian villages are dropping out of school because they don’t know how to deal with their period during school hours. The lack of awareness and amenities halts their education, and the cycle of menstrual ignorance continues.

Uninformed Decisions
Rural women are troubled by their menstrual cycles to such an extent that girls as young as 15 get their uterus removed to rid themselves of regular period problems.

The problems listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. There’re a host of other issues that accompany a rural woman’s regular period. ‘H&G Women for Women’ campaign is a resolve to be a part of the movement that’s fighting to normalize this biological function and give every woman the #RightToPeriod.

All the profit we made through the sales of sanitary napkins on our app/website and stores during this period was contributed to this cause. The campaign will run until March 2020. Spread the word. The more you buy, the more women you help.

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