Tampon Myth Busters

Tampon Myth Busters

There are two types of myths. One, that is part and parcel of our life, the type that the includes curious cases of cultural & religious myths (the myth of Sisyphus, Minotaur, Midas, or our very own, the myth of Shesh Naga, the serpent that carries the weight of the universe on its thousand heads). Now, the second type is the one that actually does more harm than enlightening us. Unfortunately, a lot of them revolve around menstruation. Tampon myths are such kind. It’s time to put an end to this, period (every pun intended)!

Myth 1: It hurts like hell
Truth: No, it does not. You might feel slight pain if you are not relaxed enough. Because then your muscles might tighten around the tampon. So, breathe in, breathe out and… voila!

Myth 2: It’s so small, and the string is so delicate that one can lose it inside
Truth: The vaginal canal ends at the cervix which the tampon cannot enter. And the string hardly ever breaks. Even if it does, just use your fingers.

Myth 3: You have to change it every time you pee
Truth: It might feel awkward in the beginning but you do not need to change every time you go to the restroom. The vagina and the bladder has separate openings and they are not connected.

Myth 4: You are not a virgin anymore!
Truth: Chances are that your hymen would have already been broken by the time you start using tampons. Even if it does break, using a tampon does not make you a non-virgin. And, lastly but most importantly, stop thinking about virginity, it is overrated anyway!

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