Tame Your Bristly Self This Movember


November is a special month for men. It’s the month that’s just right to sport a moustache, a beard, or even get hairy without regrets, all for a good cause. You can choose to be part of Movember to raise awareness about men’s health or No-Shave November to take part in fundraising for cancer. While it’s great to get your hair growing freely, it’s an equally good practice to take care of your mane and bristles, and keep some time aside for proper upkeep, lest you end up like a furry animal straight out of the burrow!

Keep your mane spick n span
Long hair can end up collecting way more dirt and grime if left unwashed for long. So, make it a practice to wash your hair with a good shampoo like the Park Avenue Beer Shampoo 2 to 3 times every week. Also, don’t forget to nourish it with a good conditioner post shampooing. A hot oil massage once or twice every week helps to keep dandruff, hair fall, and scalp related troubles at bay, and also adds a healthy bounce to the strands.

‘Set’ it in place
When stepping out for work, set your mane in place using a styling gel, mousse, or pomade. These hairstyling products also are great to tame flyaways. Steer clear of regular hairdos and try out perm curls with Gatsby Moving Rubber Loose Shuffle. If you have longer hair, experiment with man buns, ponytails, or even sectional braids!

Get the trimmer out
If you’ve decided to chuck the razor, it’s time for you to bring out the trimmer. A hippie style may not really be a good idea when you’re spending time at work meeting clients or making presentations in a boardroom. A multitasking trimmer set such as the Philips Multigroom Series Head To Toe Styling kit is good to have. This one isn’t just for the moustache or beard. It is also for keeping unwanted hair out of your nose, ears, and body, and includes attachments for styling your mane and sideburns as well.

Soften your bristles
Managing a dense moustache or beard (or both!) can be a tedious task, but not when they get the bit of care that they deserve. Get hold of the Ustraa Beard Wash to give your facial hair a good rinse, and style them using a wax or softener. Your bristles and whiskers will thank you later!

Hide those greys
If you aren’t a fan of the salt and pepper look on the face, here’s a piece of good news. You can keep them concealed with beard colour. Yes, you heard us right! Try the Bigen Men’s Beard Color to cover up white and grey hair on your goatees, handlebars, and muttonchops, or simply any style.

Invest a little extra time and effort in keeping your hairy self-tame and we bet those shiny and well-groomed strands will get event the lady folks envious!

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