Stop These 5 Bad Hair Habits Now

bad hair

Thinning, prone to breaking hair is the bane of our existence. We all want luscious locks like Deepika Padukone but we don’t have a team of hair artists to whip our hair into shape. Below are a few daily habits you need to let go of now!

Combing wet hair

Combing Wet Hair

Our hair is most fragile and prone to breakage when it is fully saturated with water. Brushing before or after your shower and then following it with aggressive towel drying is not recommended. You will only be left with a pile of hair and many many tears if you do this. Save those precious strands by minimising combing, instead blot your hair with a soft cotton towel and let it air dry a bit before you run a brush through it.

hair styling

Over Styling

We all love that fresh out of the salon look, but try keeping styling hair every day to a minimum. Blow drying, straightening and curling your hair may have you looking fabulous, but beneath that, your hair is drying out and screaming for help. Be sure to use heat protective sprays and serums when you style your hair.

hair bun

Style Hair Too Tight

We know. It’s hot and you get sweaty. Your hair is sticking to your neck so you put it up in a bun. While this is a need and is okay if you are outdoors, but remember to put it back down when you are cool and indoors. Hair that is wound up tightly is prone to breakage which can also damage the hair follicles. Wear your hair down as much as possible especially when you sleep. If you must have your hair up, keep it loose.


Crash Shedding Kilos (of hair)

That diet may sound like a good idea and might even help you shed the water weight, but it’s also shedding your locks. Whatever you put in your body, or don’t, reflects on the outside, so eating a proper healthy diet is essential. Make sure you get your daily dose of protein to ensure those tresses keep on flowing.


Chill out

Stress is a huge factor is hair loss. When your body is under stress, your bodies’ nutrients are targeting other areas leaving your hair high and dry. Take out some ‘me’ time during the week and try walking, or indulge in a quick session of yoga or any physical activity to help you release the built up stress. Before bed, aromatherapy and oiling your scalp works wonders and the best is once you have controlled your stress your hair will grow back to life!