When Should I Start Using Anti-Ageing Products?

When Should I Start Using Anti-Ageing Products

If you’ve crossed your teenage and still asking the question, then maybe today is that perfect moment you were waiting for! Why? Because prevention is always better than cure.

So, the actual question is what kind of anti-ageing preventions should you be taking at various points in your life?

In Your ‘20s:
Make sunblocks and sunscreens your best friends because sun rays are the root cause of wrinkles. Do not go all out with intense care just yet.

In Your ‘30s:
It’s when you will start noticing fine signs of ageing. Talk to a dermatologist to figure out your skin type and the kind of care you will need. Because everyone’s requirements are different. Look for products with Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin A etc.

In Your ‘40s:
Now is the time to up the game. Because along with severe wrinkles and spots you may now begin to experience losing skin elasticity. Start using products that are soothing and easy on your skin.

In Your ‘50s:
Products with anti-oxidants and ceramides are going to be your knights in the shining armour when you’re in your fifties and battling with dry skin more than ever before.

Beyond ‘50s:
Your wrinkles and other signs of ageing will start becoming more noticeable which is perfectly normal. So don’t stress over it. Rather go for a healthier lifestyle if you haven’t started it already. Take help of your dermatologist for a nourishing skin regime to help your skin look healthy.

Most importantly:
Skin ageing is a natural process and cannot be stopped. Embrace the changes with grace and you might just fall in love with the signs of ages, because they are also the signs of how wise you’ve become.

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