Squeeze In These 6 Fruit Masks In Your Regime & You Will Thank Us Later

Squeezed masks

Our days of baby skin and soft tresses don’t last forever. The ticking body clock, hormones gone haywire and elements of nature take a toll on us over time. It takes a well-crafted skincare regime to beat the apparent signs of ageing and damage.

For any beauty regime to be effective, consistency is the key. You can’t expect magical results just by treating your skin and hair to the right potions once in a blue moon. At the same time, not many have the time and mind space to indulge in an elaborate self-care routine day in and day out. If you identify with that struggle, the Squeezed skin and hair masks are just the kind of wholesome products you need to wash away all your skin and hair woes. Six masks, six days a week, 10 minutes a day is all it takes to build a radiant you!

Nourished Hair For Sunday 
Take your Sunday oil-shampoo-conditioner hair care routine a notch higher by adding the Squeezed Moisturising Passion Fruit Hair Mask to it. Passion fruit, with its wide range of essential nutrients such as vitamins A, C, B2 and B6, potassium, copper and a rich concentration of anti-oxidants can offer the deep nourishment your hair needs, making it feel alive almost instantly. Infused with real passion fruit extracts, this mask gives apparent results almost instantly. Apply it between shampoo and conditioner and let it rest for at least five minutes so that the minerals and nutrients in the mask seep into the hair follicles, nourishing them from within.

Glowing Face For Monday 
Fresh and glowing skin is perhaps the best way to beat the Monday blues and give your self-confidence a much-needed boost. The Squeezed Skin Glowing Pineapple Face Mask adds an instant glow to your face and also works on eliminating fine lines and acne in the long run. The Bromelain enzyme present in pineapple helps in softening the skin while the amino acids and vitamin C aid cell repair. Pineapple also helps the body in synthesising collagen, which is responsible to bring about that glow and firmness to your skin.

Radiant Skin For Tuesday
Looking bright on the outside is essential for feeling bright within. Liven up your Tuesday spirits with the Squeezed Brightening Lime Face Mask that brightens the skin tone by working on myriad skin problems such as blemishes, acne, clogged pores and excess oil simultaneously, giving your face a bright appearance in just 5 minutes.

Shiny Tresses For Wednesday
Two days of continued exposure to sun, dust, and pollution can neutralise the effects of nourishment on your hair, making them look limp and dull. Infuse your tresses with a fresh lease of life, shine and bounce with the Squeezed Extra Shine Strawberry Hair Mask. The real strawberry extracts in this mask bring in the goodness of folic acid, ellagic acid, and vitamins B5 and B6, which work well to deep cleanse your hair and scalp, making them shinier, bouncier.

Nourished Skin For Thursday 
With half the week behind you, your skin – just like your spirits – takes a beating. Use the goodness of apricot to provide it the nourishment and hydration it needs to feel fresh and look all plumped up. The Squeezed Sensitive Skin Apricot Face Mask loaded with the goodness of apricot juice is enriched with nutrients like vitamin A and C that provide deep moisturising to make the skin look hydrated and refreshed.

Double Cleansing For Friday
With the weekend knocking at your door, it is time to bring on your A-game, and revitalising your skin is the first step in that direction. Get started by ridding your skin of all the toxins it has gathered during the course of the week with the Squeezed Detoxifying Tomato Face Mask. Tomato acts as an excellent natural astringent and has cooling properties, which help in deep cleansing the skin and removing dirt, sebum, and toxins from the pores. The mask, infused with real tomato extract, also helps in preventing blackheads and lightening dark spots.

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