Smooth Body Strategy

Messy High Bun

You take note of your face almost all the time and give the required care, but when it comes to your body, you mostly stick to soap and body lotion routine, and even ditching the moisturiser once in a while. Your body also needs as much care as you give your face.  Using a soothing body wash, exfoliator, and body butter ensure that you have smooth skin all over. You can get that with these:

  1. Daily use Olay Creme Ribbons Body Wash that has moisturising actives that cleanse your skin and restore the moisture balance.
  2. Twice a week slough off skin-dulling dead skin with Skin Cottage Body Scrub Strawberry Yogurt infused with lactic acid to reveal fresh skin underneath.
  3. Revive your skin with Jergens Age Defying Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer that has multivitamins that help in improving skin cell structure. Work this into your slightly damp skin daily.
  4. Treat severely dry or chapped skin including hands and feet with Fruttini Coco Banana Body Butter at night. Do this twice a week to ensure soft supple skin.