Smell Right This Season With CK And Davidoff

If I had to pick that one accessory you must never leave home without, it’d be a good fragrance. Smelling good not only makes you more appealing but also acts as a huge boost to your self-confidence. A go-to fragrance can get you through the drabbest of days at work, brighten up your outings in the monsoon and leave your date mesmerised in the very first meeting. If you are looking for that go-to fragrance to call your own or want to upgrade your perfume rack, there are two names you can never go wrong with – Calvin Klein and Davidoff. These two brands are pretty much the holy grail of luxury fragrances. Check out some of their classic creations that can keep you smelling great:

For Women

Calvin Klein Eternity
Eternity is one of most successful fragrances from this luxury house, created by the designer as an ode to his marriage, family, love, and peace. The perfume has a combination of floral notes drawn from carnations and lilies of the valley that are enhanced by a hint of citrus and greens with some musky notes thrown in the mix. If you are looking for a lasting, strong fragrance for the evening, Calvin Klein Eternity is the way to go.

Davidoff Cool Water
This one is a classic that belongs on the dresser of every woman. This mild, misty but lasting fragrance transports you to the swells of an ocean. This quintessential feminine fragrance combines fruity notes with aquatic accords that remind you of sea breeze on a warm summer day. Davidoff Cool Water is the perfect pick for day-long wear for women who spend long hours outdoors.

For Men

Calvin Klein Be
Calvin Klein Be is just right for the typical minimalistic man who cannot stand the idea of an elaborate dressing shelf. This distinctive fragrance is made from an intricate mix of white musk, spicy juniper note, mint and tangerine accords. It is suitable for both casual wear and special occasions. A few sprays and you are set, no matter where you’re headed.

Davidoff Cool Water
Davidoff has rolled out its popular Cool Water fragrance for both men and women and in several different variants. The basic feel of this fragrance is similar to its variant for women, except for that strong, unmistakable hint of masculinity in the Davidoff Cool Water for Men. This simple and sharp fragrance invokes a heady rush of adrenaline, keeping your spirits soaring through the day. Want to twin with your partner on a fragrant level? Get yourselves both a bottle from this range.


Calvin Klien One
If you thought perfume was one thing you could never share with your partner, the line-up of unisex fragrances from Calvin Klein will make you think again. The One and One All EDT range from CK is designed to complement the personalities of both men and women. If you have a leaning towards subdued fragrances these CK offerings are the way to go.

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