Skin Brightening Masks

Health & Glow Nail Art Kit in Cherie

Late nights, endless rounds of coffee, air conditioning, sun exposure, all can dull your skin, and mar its natural beauty. Once a week you need to detox your skin with a brightening face pack that not only removes dirt deep down, but also clears the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving skin fresh and bright. The current clutch of masks have lactic acid from yogurt that removes dead skin cells, fruit acids that rejuvenate complexion, and clay that tone your pores and give you a bright, supple complexion. Try these:

  1. Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Yogurt Skin Whitening & Brightening Mask with lactic acid that clears away dead skin cells, and prevent pigmentation.
  2. Organic Harvest Skin Lightening Mask with fruit acids that deep cleanse your skin, and lighten the complexion.
  3. Lakme Clean Up Face Mask Fresh Fairness with vitamin C boosters to prevent melanin build-up
  4. Aroma Magic Brightening Beauty Pack with skin toning kaolin clay that draws out deep-seated impurities and clarifies skin.