Signs That You May be Using the Wrong Products

Signs That You May be Using the Wrong Products

What is the best way to choose the right products for your skin and hair? Does a high price tag guarantee good results? Or does being a market bestseller? Or is organic and all-natural the surefire solution? While there are many guides to point you toward the right set of products based on your skin or hair type, age or issues, there is no guaranteed way of knowing if those products will actually work for you. That can be true of even the most tried-and-tested products that everyone around you swears by. So, finding your own collection of perfect beauty products can be a bit of a trial and error. Good things is, your body most definitely lets you know when something isn’t working. You just have to watch out for the signs:

For Hair

  • Your scalp is overly dry: If your scalp turns overly dry and flaky after switching to a new shampoo or conditioner or if a new product aggravates the problem instead of soothing it, it’s a sign that you need to look for something more moisturising like the Plum Olive And Macadamia Healthy Hydration Shampoo.
  • Your hair colour starts fading out: If your hair colour is fading out sooner than expected, you may be working with the wrong products. Coloured hair needs specially designed products like RICH Pure Luxury Argan Colour Protect Shampoo.
  • Your scalp is unusually oily: If the new formula for your dry or frizzy hair is leaving you with an oily scalp instead of hydrated locks, it is definitely a sign for change.
  • Your hair is frizzy: Have your normally tamed hair gone rogue and taken on a frizzy avatar out of nowhere? It might be time to remove those shampoo and conditioner bottles from your shelf.

For Skin

  • Your skin is super oily: It’s a sign that the cream or lotion you are using isn’t doing its job of hydrating your skin well. Sebum glands tend to go in an overdrive when there is a lack of hydration in the skin. Try an intense hydrating formula like Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel  cream to experience the difference.
  • There are no results: Of course, it takes time for any skin care product or regime to yield results, but if you fail to see any improvement in the skin issues you seek to address – be it dark spots, blemishes, dryness or excessive oil – even after emptying bottles and bottles of a product, it is time to look for alternatives.
  • The product stings: Contrary to popular belief, a product that stings or burns may actually be doing more harm than good. If it continues to cause discomfort, it deserves to go out the window.
  • Rashes, zits or acne: If you are experiencing a sudden inflamed rash or breakout, the culprit may well be that latest addition to your beauty regime. Mostly these rashes or breakouts are brought on by fragrances, preservatives or acrylates used in skin care products.

For best beauty regime advice, listen to your body. And when you do find a product that works wonders for your hair or skin, don’t let it go.

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