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Every hair type comes with its own set of troubles. Dry hair tends to get frizzy and unmanageable, damaged hair is riddled with coarseness, and normal or fine hair run the risk of going limp. While there are a lot of products out there designed to address the specific needs of different types of hair, few offer the intensive, deep nourishment that can actually mitigate each of these woes. Semi Di Lino, a hair care line by Alfaparf Milano, is designed to do just that.

The Semi Di Lino Philosophy
To deliver on the promise of ‘eternal beauty hair treatment’, Semi Di Lino products are developed not just in keeping with the unique requirements of different hair types but also how pollution, weather elements and other external factors impact their health. It is for this reason that Semi Di Lino products are constantly renewed and enhanced. The current line-up has been infused with Urban Defense Pro, a special biotechnological complex that protects your tresses from externals stresses and stimuli to deliver extraordinary results.

Here is a look up-close at the different Semi Di Lino products for different hair needs:

Damaged Hair
Damaged hair needs deep repair and reconstruction to regain its original health and lustrous look. The Semi Di Lino Reconstruction Range is targeted at repairing and not just masking the damage to the hair structure. If you have damaged hair, try the:

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Dry Hair
The struggle to keep dry hair manageable is very real. The Nutritive Low Range is the answer you’ve been looking all along:

  • Semi Di Lino Nutritive Low Shampoo: A moisturising formula with nourishing honey molecules, this shampoo does a fabulous job of transforming dry hair into soft, shiny tresses.
  • Semi Di Lino Nutritive Mask: This intensive anti-dryness treatment helps lock in moisture and strengthens hair fibre, enhancing the softness rendered by the shampoo.
  • Semi Di Lino Nutritive Leave In Conditioner: Even with the deep nourishment and conditioning, exposure to humidity or wind can cause dry hair to act out. This leave-in conditioner made from the same honey molecules formula stops that from happening, keeping your hair manageable and lustrous for long.

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Normal hair
Normal hair requires a perfect balance of gentle cleansing and an element of bounce to look their absolute best, and the Illuminating line of hair care products has been developed to deliver on exactly those parameters:

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Now available exclusively at Health & Glow store, app & website, show your tresses some love and transform them into their best possible version.

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