Schwarzkopf Has A New Home In India!

We have exciting news to share! The inventor of liquid and dry shampoo, and the maker of many firsts like hairspray, home hair colour kit and cold perm—Schwarzkopf (pronounced shvaats.koff) is now a part of the amazing array of brands we stock online. 

Schwarzkopf was founded 120 years ago and leads innovation in hair care. Unlike many heritage brands that get lost in the avalanche of new ones, this German brand has managed to stay relevant. It has reinvented itself with time and champions diversity just as much as innovation. Celebrating individuality is another important tenet of the brand, and we hope you find something that appeals to you in the range we proudly unveil today.

Schwarzkopf offers shampoos for almost every hair issue and even considers your hair type. You’d be spoilt for choices. Whether you have coloured hair or dandruff trouble, you are sure to find something that will delight your scalp.

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Much like the range of shampoos, the line of conditioners caters to every hair type. Be it conditioners for coloured hair or dry and frizzy hair, you can take a pick from Schwarzkopf. The nourishing and moisturising formulas will never disappoint you. They even have the magic of turning around any bad hair day!

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Gels and Waxes
Once you’re done pampering your mane with lovely shampoos and conditioners, enjoy styling it with an equally amazing range of gels and waxes. They lend great texture to the hair and offer an extra-strong hold. Pick between creams, gels, waxes or a unique ‘Thrill Fibre Gum’ that promises elastic style control. Get set to switch hairstyles in seconds with this selection.

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Hair Masque
Hair masques are high-powered conditioners. They offer the same benefits but deliver them at a faster rate. Schwarzkopf has an assortment of super-charged masks that help deal with all annoying hair issues. Shiny, strong and frizz-free hair comes easy with these wonderful hair ointments. 

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