Right Contouring Techniques for Different Types of Lips: Part 2

Right Contouring Techniques for Different Types of Lips: Part 2

Last time we spoke about what you need to have in hand while contouring your lips. Now that we’re ready with our wands, let’s get to work!

Here are a few broad Guidelines for Contouring Your Lips:

You need to know the basics to get the contour on your lips right:

  • Exfoliate the lips using a warm washcloth or towel and some sugar. Then, moisturise with a balm.
  • Draw an outline on your lips, as close to the natural lip line as possible, and make an X on the cupid’s bow.
  • Connect the sides of your lips using the liner, fading it in as you move toward the centre.
  • Fill up the lips with a lipstick shade lighter than the liner, and blend the two perfectly.
  • Add a layer of lip gloss on top.
  • Now, dab very little highlighter on the cupid’s bow to add a sense of dimension.
  • Apply a stroke of concealer below your lower lip to enhance the effect of plumpness.

Contouring As Per Your Lip Shape:
Lips are one of our most diverse facial features, marked by different shapes and sizes. To make sure your contouring efforts accentuate your looks and not end up making you look like a caricature version of yourself, it’s important to build your technique as per your lip shape:

Thin Lower Lip: Extend the outline a bit beyond the natural lip line to make it match the size of your upper lip.

Thin Upper Lip: The same outlining principle can be used on the upper lip to create an even look.

Oval Lips: Accentuate the cupid’s bow by creating a distinct V-shape using your lip liner.

Downturned Lips: Create an upward arch on the outer corners to balance out the natural shape of your lips.

Small Lips: Widen the lips, just slightly, using the lip liner a little outside the outer corners. Don’t go too far though, as this can quickly turn into a disastrous clown look.

Sharp Lips: Soften the edges by creating small curves strategically.

Full Lips: These require the least effort in looking plump, so keep the contouring minimal.

This guide should set you up for a solid start into the world of contouring. As you go along, follow your instincts to evolve your level of sophistication and style.

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