Right Contouring Techniques for Different Types of Lips: Part 1

Right Contouring Techniques for Different Types of Lips

Fuller, plumper lips are the stuff beauty goals are made of. From celebrities to social media influencers, we see (admittedly with an envious gape) the who’s who of the glam world walking around with perfectly defined pouts. No matter how thin, sharp, wide or narrow your lips, you too can make them appear full-bodied and plump with the right technique. In this lip contouring guide, we tell you how:

What is Lip Contouring?
As you can deduce from the name – lip contouring means using makeup to define and accentuate your lips, making them appear fuller and plump. This involves creating a shadow and light effect that adds depth and dimension to your lips, resulting in that perfect pillow-y pout.

What You Need for Lip Contouring?
This transformation, obviously, requires you to be armed with a considerably large cache of makeup products. Here are the ones you absolutely need to pull off a perfect contour:

  • Lip liner: We recommend a shade matching your lipstick from the BeYu Soft Liner
  • Lipstick: The possibilities are endless. Matte shades from ENN, Ultra Rich range from Note and Ruby’s Organics are our preferred picks.
  • Lip gloss: A gloss with a distinct sheen effect in a shade that complements your choice of lip colour works best. Both Note Hydra and Chambor Glitzy Gloss line-ups work perfectly.
  • Highlighter: Choose a liquid highlighter like the Colorbar Radiant Glow Glamour.
  • Concealer: You need a liquid concealer like the range from Palladio in a shade that’s just a tad darker than your skin tone.
  • Lip brush: A lip filling brush to blend it all well together.

We will be back with a detailed guideline for different lip shapes in the second part. Keep an eye out!

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